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This weekend on the Reader Advisor: Being a charitable person--both in your language and vocabulary, and when it comes to putting your donation where your mouth is. -- Artblog editor



Image courtesy of Harbor Freight Tools.

Did you know that our society can take anything in the known universe and twist it into a tool of exploitation, subjugation, and oppression? If not, read on!

Serena doesn’t give AF if you want her to smile.
[ via NY Magazine ]

How do you make a woman smile? Use your hands to manipulate her face in iPad Photoshop! (Creepily similar to just pinching her cheeks)
[ via The Verge ]

Hi everyone, Resting Bitch Face is not a real thing. No matter how cute or fun it is to talk about it, it doesn’t take Judith Butler to see that this is just another reactionary slander disguised as humor and designed to undercut woman who don’t conform to fantasy standards. Are there people out there with Resting Happy Face? Why do I only see Kristen Stewart on RBF slide shows and not Dick Cheney? THAT DUDE NEVER SMILES.
[ via Quartz ]

Great news! AmazonSmile will donate .5% of your purchases to the charitable organizations of your choice. That means you only need to spend $10,000 in Star Wars merch to get $50 to a nonprofit. But as this Huffington Post entry points out: Can it really be called charitable “giving” if there is no cost to you–if you aren’t actually giving anything away? Furthermore, how many AmazonSmile users will stop donating directly to charitable organizations due to an inflated philanthropic ego? Amazon$mile = CharityFrown
[ via Huffington Post ]