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Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson was often pigeonholed as the creative character. Mostly because she had feelings and expressed them. I’d like to know what adult Lisa would have to say about this Jacobin article, “Forced to Love the Grind” by Miya Tokumitsu, detailing the new tyrannical enslavement/evocation of “passion”. What is most troublesome about this trend is its proliferation into all sectors of the job market, usually at the hands of the elite “Doing What They Love”. I am happy for you if you have accomplished your lifelong dream to open a coffee shop or start a dog-walking business; however, please remember that as your employee, your dream is not my dream, and I could not give one fuck less about pourovers or poodles. People can still excel at labor they have no interest in (we do it all the time for money!), but when the prerequisite for any job is an exuberant level of (faked) enthusiasm, workers are ground down to a new level of debasement: one where even the dignity of owning your own passion is denied.
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I believe Lisa would be the first to defend “on fleek”.
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Lisa stares down the bully in her 21st-Century Cinema class and asks:
“Does the movie have at least two women in it, who talk to each other, about something besides a man?”
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Lisa Simpson as a band manager:
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