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Grand Ballroom of Doom


Five panel comic from the series "Grand Ballroom of Doom"


[Panel 1]: A slender male figure with pointed ears and sharp teeth (Jeff Bezos imagined as a vampire) restrains a woman in a puffy-sleeved dress. She looks horrified as he grins and prepares to bite her neck.
Woman: NO!

[Panel 2]: Vampire Jeff Bezos wraps himself around the chest (from behind) of another person, this time a man, bites his neck and sucks his blood.

[Panel 3]: Vampire Jess Bezos embraces another victim, who lays lifelessly in his arms with blood pouring down from the bite on her neck.
Vampire Jeff Bezos: Yessss

[Panel 4]: An old-school style vampire with a high-collared cloak and strong widow’s peak (drawn in the likeness of Dracula) enters from behind. With his palm upturned, he addresses Jeff Bezos. Vampire Jeff Bezos looks bad skeptically and disappointedly while embracing yet another male victim.
Dracula: Hey, Jeff Bezos, you know cant suck everyone dry, right?

[Panel 5]: Vampire Jeff Bezos fills with rage and attacks Dracula, taking a deep bite into his right arm. Dracula screams in horror with his hands up on either side in alarm.