Julius Ferraro talks Parrot Talk, his new play

Julius Ferraro's "Parrot Talk," a new play he's been developing this year, debuts at DaVinci Art Alliance the last weekend of March, 2017. Hear about the crafting of the play, the staging of it, and how Ferraro came up with the experimental format.

Playwright and performer Julius Ferraro
Julius Ferraro, playwright of Parrot Talk, a new experimental play debuting at DaVinci Art Alliance this month

Playwright, performer, theater and dance critic, and co-founder of Curate This, Julius Ferraro is a multi-tasker par excellence. Julius wrote a new play, “Parrot Talk” that will be performed at DaVinci Art Alliance at the end of March, and in a second version, at the end of April. (Tickets are $10-$15 – get them here.) The experimental play is a Dada-esque, character-driven piece, in which words and the whole system of language is the subtext. What do words mean anyway? “Parrot Talk” does involve a parrot, and a woman in distress who needs to get to the grocery store and a third character that embodies a kind of wild “id” critter. The show will take place over two weekends, a month apart, where the second staging may (or may not) look and feel very different than the first. The interview with Julius took place Feb. 17 and it’s 31-minutes long.

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