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‘…The revolution is finally here,’ Gabe Martinez on LGBTQ+ histories, Stonewall, and his two exhibitions

On this episode of Artblog Radio, Wit talks with multidisciplinary artist Gabe Martinez about his two exhibitions in the lobby of the William Way LGBT Community Center: Tonight is Forever and LGBTQ Legacies - Art, Archive, Analysis. In his stunning works, Martinez explores the revolutionary history that has brought the LGBTQ+ community thus far, locally and nationally. If you have 28 minutes, have a listen!

Artblog Gabe Martinez
Gabe Martinez. Photo courtesy of Gabe Martinez.

Digging deep into the boxes of the John J. Wilcox, Jr. Archive at William Way LGBT Community Center, Gabe Martinez constructs not one, but two stellar exhibitions! His solo exhibition, Tonight is Forever, captures protest signs, archival photography, and the history of the LGBTQ+ community. The second exhibition, LGBTQ Legacies: Art, Archive, Analysis, which Gabe co-curated with John Andries and Michael Carroll, takes a look into the archives from a different angle. During the 28 minute chat, Gabe explains the metaphors he embedded into his use of shape, medium, and style in both displays. Big thanks to the William Way LGBT Community Center for allowing us to record this episode in their John J. Wilcox, Jr Library.

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