Krystle Ann Griffin on capturing her bliss as an artist

In this First Friday episode of Artblog Radio, Wit speaks with Philadelphia native Krystle Ann Griffin. Listen to this half hour long entry to learn more about Krystle’s practice in film, curating from the heart, and how she shapes her engagement in film after the work of M. Knight Shyamalan. Catch Krystle’s First Friday curatorial debut--Capture the Bliss!--at The Bourse, 111 S. Independence Mall E, tonight from 6-10pm!

Artblog Krystle Ann Griffin

As part of Artblog’s First Friday podcast series, Wit chats with Krystle Ann Griffin about her career in the arts in Philadelphia. The multitalented creative shares her vision behind curating nine local artists for her show “Capture the Bliss!” at The Bourse. The experience will also feature sound work by DJ Elijvh Vrms.

Thank you to the owners and staff of Escape the 1980s for allowing Artblog to use their escape room in order to record this podcast. This episode can also be found on Apple podcasts and Spotify.