Socialist Grocery


Comic: Panel 1- (Drawing of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) “Hi, I’m Mary Kate” “And I’m Ashley” Panel 2- (Drawing of Ashley) Ashley: and boy have we got a juicy product for you. It’s top of the market. Panel 3- (Drawing of a hand holding an onion) Ashley: maybe the hottest GMO you’ll EVER see. MK: You asked, we answered. Panel 4- (Both Mary Kate and Ashley holding the onion) Both: it’s a 20 pound sweet onion. Panel 5- (Sebastian laying in bed) *sebastian wakes up* Panel 6- (Sebastian in bed next to their partner) Sebastian: I just had a dream that Mary Kate and Ashley were trying to sell me a big onion. Panel 7- (Sebastian's partner stands in front of bed and Sebastian lays In bed) Maggie: wait like, they were both in the dream at the same time? Sebastian: I know, right?


artblog, artist, ashley olsen, comic artist, drafting, draftsman, drawing, gmo, grocery, illustration, illustrator, Maggie, mary kate olsen, Oli Knowles, onion, painter, painting, Sebastian, sketching, Socialist, Socialist Grocery


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