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Artists in the time of Coronavirus, an ongoing virtual exhibition, Part 21

We are proud to present part 21 of our open call, non-juried, online exhibition entitled "Artists in the time of Coronavirus!" We have gotten over 200 submissions, so if you haven't seen yours yet, don't worry- it is coming! If you want to participate, send your statement (250 words max) and 2 photos to


Our twenty-first post of the series, Artists in the Time of Coronavirus includes Citlally Miranda, Cheryl Harper, Terrell Halsey, Mandi Spicer, John A. Benigno, and Kayambjan! Thank you for all who submitted! And if you want to participate, send your statement (250 words max) and 2 photos to More details here. Stay safe and stay positive, and come back in the days to come for more “Artists in the Time of Coronavirus.” We have a wonderful community and are so proud of being able to share everyone’s art.

[Note: We have gotten over 200 submissions, so if you haven’t seen yours yet, don’t worry- it is coming, and we can’t wait to post it!]

Citlally Miranda

Marker drawing of a female figure, from the knees to the neck, in the shape of a flower vase with abstract flowers sprouting out.
Artwork by Citlally Miranda. Courtesy Citlally Miranda.
Marker drawing of a vessel with abstract flowers and shapes sprouting out, on a decorative patterned table.
Artwork by Citlally Miranda. Courtesy Citlally Miranda.

I am working on identity, ¿ what is identity ? based on corporality, biological identity, psychological identity and cultural identity. The body as a container of an abstract identity. a psychological-social construction, which will depend on ideological and cultural discourses. And in which the biological is one of the elements, and not determinant. I present the biological as the container of an abstract identity.

Citlally Miranda

Born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, based in Philadelphia.

Her multidisciplinary work spans photography, painting, drawings, collage, performance, video and more. Her work it’s been shown internationally in several collectives exhibitions, and five solo shows. Her work are collected by several important private and public collections.

IG: citlally.miranda
e :

Cheryl Harper

Installation view of Cheryl Harper's "Passages", featuring clothing and prints on the wall like wallpaper
Cheryl Harper, “Passages: An Installation in Progress by Cheryl Harper” Courtesy Cheryl Harper.
Wall text from "Passages: An Installation in Progress by Cheryl Harper."
“Passages: An Installation in Progress by Cheryl Harper” wall text. Courtesy Cheryl Harper. (Text: “‘In the last few years, I’ve been thinking about how I came to where I am now, a Jewish woman who lost extended family in the Holocaust and who married a direct descendent of a Southern plantation family that owned other people. I am a descendent of the oppressed who married into a family who oppressed.’ – Cheryl Harper / Passages, a site-specific installation, explores themes of heritage, identity, persecution, and privilege. Harper’s ongoing investigation of the two sides of her family ancestral reveals complexities and contradictions. / The exhibition features family photographs and material culture, augmented by works from the Maier Museum of Art collection by Betye Saar and Carrie Mae Weems. Harper’s dresses, heirlooms, and hand-printed wallpaper reveal the multi-faceted legacy of one family. While intensely personal, she hopes that experiencing the installation will inspire visitors to engage in dialogue about the lasting impact of the past and how it influences their role in forming the present and future.”

Every artist looks forward to their first solo exhibition in an art museum. I was very fortunate to be able to install my show: Passages: An Installation in Progress by Cheryl Harper at the Maier Museum in Lynchburg, Virginia, which opened February 28th. However, the museum closed until further notice in mid March. It’s about race and privilege; one family oppressed and eventually married into one that was oppressed. The Museum has extended the show through July 26 in hopes it will open again.

I’d like to share their virtual posting of the show and catalog so it gets out further to the public:
For more information on Cheryl Harper’s work, see:

Terrell Halsey

Black and white photograph of a man walking down the street with a mask over his mouth.
Terrell Halsey, “Strange Times…” (March 2020). Courtesy Terrell Halsey.
Black and white photograph of a man walking down the street, passing a payphone with the reciever dangling, with a "Foot Locker" building in the background.
Terrell Halsey, “Disconnected” (March 2020). Courtesy Terrell Halsey.

As a street photographer, my process involves being out in public places to create my art. I shoot majority of my work in the city. With the number of confirmed cases growing and social distancing in place, I am now trying to avoid being around too many people to help flatten the curve. I’m not shooting street as much but still work on myself as a person and artist everyday. I read, look at the work of others, bring my camera on walks, apply to juried exhibits/competitions, and spend some extra time with the projects I’ve been working on. I try to take advantage of the extra time while I have it. I work at a school during the day helping kids who have emotional issues and pursue my craft when I clock out.. the double life. With schools now being closed, I’ve had some time to be more present in other aspects of my life. I practice other hobbies that I haven’t practiced in a while, I’m enjoying more quality time with my wife, I’ve caught up on some things on the business side of photography, and I have more mental space to think about my art journey and journey as a human being. I know times are crazy but at the very least it’s forcing us to take a step back and evaluate. Our daily routines are scrambled and the rat race is paused. We are now forced to think and do differently to push on. I’ve always believed that art makes the world go ‘round and at times like this, it is definitely needed.

Check out my instagram and website! I’m always looking to connect with other artists in the area as I continue my journey into the art world.

Stay encouraged!

Instagram: @terrellhalseyart

Mandi Spicer

Woman modeling Mandi Spicer's tote bag with a drawing of a cat on it.
Tote bag by Mandi Spicer. Courtesy Mandi Spicer.
Painting on paper of a dog's head with cheery blossoms surrounding the back of the head.
Artwork by Mandi Spicer. Courtesy Mandi Spicer.

Hello Art Blog!

My name is Mandi Spicer, and I specialize in cat (and now dog!) portraits.
Growing up, art was not very supported in my family, education was the main focus. But I have always been a painter at heart.

A few months before the outbreak, I had taken a huge step in my life and began fully pursuing my art. I wanted to pursue an art that would not only fulfill me, but would also be helpful and enjoyable to those around me.

I have always held a special place in my heart for cats, so I decided to specialize in memorial portraits, hopeful that my talents would find their way to the people who will need them the most. As time went on, I had more and more people ask if I would paint memorials for their dogs for them. So, I’m glad to announce I now offer dog portraits as well 🙂

However, now that the virus has struck, I’m afraid far and few between people are thinking of the arts the same way. Most of us have been scared into hiding, busy with the news, and hoarding our supplies when now, while we are in quarantine, could be the *best* time to appreciate art!

I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to share my story and I hope it finds its way to those who need to hear it the most.

Thank you, and kind regards!
-Mandi of Sugar and Spicer

John A. Benigno

Black and white photograph of stone molding in City Gall.
John A. Benigno, “Philadelphia City Hall Detail XVII”. Courtesy John A. Benigno.
Black and white photograph of pillars in City Hall.
John A. Benigno, “Philadelphia City Hall Detail XI”. Courtesy John A. Benigno.

Attached are two new photographs from my Philadelphia City Hall Details series.

Elliott Erwitt’s approach to photography has everything to do with my Philadelphia City Hall Details series. Photography “has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” Unfortunately, this project has come to a complete halt due to both the commonwealth’s and city’s “shelter in place” mandate. Living in the suburbs, travelling into Center City has become impossible for me. As a senior citizen, I take the “shelter in place” regulations very seriously. Yes, public transportation is available, but I’m just not comfortable with this. So, I stay at home going though older work that I just didn’t have time to pursue in the past.

Rebecca Taylor

Painting of a Strawberry in a white circle trimmed with lace. Painted on wood.
Painting by Rebecca Taylor. Courtesy Rebecca Taylor.
Rebecca's painting of a strawberry sitting on a wooden table with a pallet of paint sitting nearby.
Painting by Rebecca Taylor. Courtesy Rebecca Taylor.

I just finished my first painting in 3 years. I graduated college in 2017, and a few months later I lost my Grandfather. He was like a father to me. I haven’t had it in me to create much. These are scary times. The kinda times that make you stop, and ask yourself. Why am I here, and what makes me happy. Personally, creating makes me feel like I am living and breathing. The past few years have had happy moments sure, but when I started painting today I couldn’t stop. I felt like I started living again. It’s not a masterpiece, but it was for me. If I come out of this alive my goal is to keep doing what makes me feel truly alive.

Thank you for doing this!


Painting of green and blue faces, some of which are screaming, interlacing over a black background.
Painting by Kayambjan. Courtesy Kayambjan.
Painting of green and blue faces, some of which are screaming, interlacing over a black background.
Painting by Kayambjan. Courtesy Kayambjan.

Just been feeling a lil anxious so I just paint