Shop local, shop artists this holiday season, a short list

Many artists have stores online where you can buy their art and support them while getting something unique and beautiful for yourself and your loved ones. Morgan rounds up a short list of artists with links to their online stores. If your favorite artist is not on this list check around online and reach out! Buying local art is a perfect way to learn more about art and to show you care about our great arts community. Happy Holidays, Everyone!

This hellish year will be studied by future generations, historians, and extraterrestrial life, for more reasons than can be counted on all of my fingers and toes. Amongst them, “2020: the year that Dolly Parton put forth more effort to stop a global pandemic than the President of the United States.” Many of us won’t be able to spend quality time with our chosen family or friends this holiday season, but we could all use some positivity to punt us through the final leg of 2020. Let’s take a page from Dolly Parton’s activist playbook and dip into our pockets to support each other this winter.

Below is a small, digestible list of local artists to support. To make this extra fun? This selection highlights some of the many artists we’ve grown to love through the 17 years Artblog has been around. Whether you know and love these artists or you are learning about them for the first time today, we highly recommend you revisit their writing, drawings, or listen to their Artblog Radio interviews… while you shop their online stores or subscribe to their Patreon, of course.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith reading from a book in front of a crowd at Tattooed Mom.
Alex Smith reading from their sci-fi zine “ARKDUST” for Artblog’s “LIVE with Artblog Radio” event at Tattooed Mom.

Alex Smith is a jack of all trades– an afrofuturist, author, playwright, musician, artist, and as of 2020, Pew FellowI can’t even keep up with the great work they do. But I feel so lucky to have Alex on our team of contributors, and to see their writing on sites like Bandcamp and TheKey. One great way to support Alex is to subscribe to their Patreon.

We also encourage you to scroll through their author page!

Beth Heinly

Two panel comic. Top panel shows 6 people standing in a row facing you, each masked. A dog sits between two of the people and two children stand next to the dog. In front of them a cleaning person, wearing a mask, carrying a mop and bucket walks by glaring. Caption above the picture is "People I work for." Bottom panel shows one woman, sitting alone looking at her computer wistfully. Caption reads "Family."

If you know Artblog, you know Beth Heinly. Beth draws 3:00 Book comics for Artblog; Ask Artblog advice columns; and pens opinionated think pieces.

The best way to support Beth Heinly long-term is to subscribe to their Patreon. For just $1/month you get access to their weekly 3:00 book rejects AND postcards from Beth. For just $5/month you will receive zines in the mail, PLUS swag from their performance art & other art projects. It’s truly a treasure. You can also support Beth by purchasing a sticker, shirt, duvet cover, or print from their redbubble shop. While you’re at it check out Beth’s massive Artblog author page.

Chelsey Luster

“Subjective Portrait: (Just For Me) by Chris Friday. Chalk on Prepared Paper
“Subjective Portrait: (Just For Me)” by Chris Friday. Chalk on Prepared Paper. Featured in ” 19.5%: Women in Power & Politics” curated by Chelsey Luster.

Chelsey is a recent graduate of Tyler School of Art (2019), but the global pandemic has not stopped them from doing a ton of important work– e.g. selling prints to raise money for BLM; curating shows (the above photo is artwork by Chris Friday, featured in “19.5%: Women in Power & Politics” curated by Chelsey). They are a painter, an activist, a curator, and educator. Check out their online shop, and read more about their work on Artblog.

19.5%, Women in Power and Politics, surprising work, impressive curating at Little Berlin
By Logan Cryer – September 25, 2019

Derick Jones

Derick Jones standing in front of their huge cityscape painting at the Philadelphia International Airport.
Derick Jones displays their work at an Artblog Art Safari for “Art at the Airport”, Philadelphia International Airport. Photo courtesy Roberta Fallon.

Derick Jones is another awesome local illustrator and comics artist. In addition to drawing and comic books, he designs logos and album artwork. I first learned of his work through Beth, who invited him to do some live inking in support of our 2020 Artblog Auction (although Roberta and Wit met Derick in 2019 on an Art Safari to PHL airport to visit his and the other artists art there!). We all immediately clocked both their charm and talent. You can support them by purchasing art from their online shop!

You can also watch a video of Derick’s live inking session– hosted by Beth dressed as Andy Warhol– on Artblog’s Instagram.

Roberto Lugo

Robert Lugo, “New Slaves: The Cycle Continues”, 35 x 35 x 5 inches, 2017, Photo: Kenek Photography, courtesy of Wexler Gallery
Robert Lugo, “New Slaves: The Cycle Continues”, 35 x 35 x 5 inches, 2017, Photo: Kenek Photography, courtesy of Wexler Gallery

Artblog has been proudly been following Roberto Lugo’s career since 2013, and can’t get enough. An activist, poet, an educator, a father, and a heck of a ceramicist… Roberto is a generous and important figure in Philly’s art scene. Support Roberto and his family by purchasing some artwork this year, and learn more about him by listening to this Artblog Radio episode hosted by Artblog co-founders Libby and Roberta!

Roberto Lugo talks about family, humor and what fuels his ceramics
by Libby and Roberta – May 28, 2014

Rosa Leff

Cut paper artwork of a van covered in graffiti
Rosa Leff
“Time And Tide Wait For No Van”
Hand Cut Paper (Canson Mi-Teintes 98lb)

Rosa Leff is an amazing cut paper artist living in Baltimore who regularly visits and exhibits in Philadelphia (she was born here and went to University of Pennsylvania for her MS in Elementary Education!) Celebrate Rosa by purchasing some of her art here! And while you’re at it, learn more about Rosa by listening to this Artblog Radio interview with her hosted by former Artblog Managing Editor and current Artblog board member, Imani Roach!

Rosa Leff talks about contemporary cut paper
by Imani Roach – November 11, 2018

319 N 11th St – 2nd floor Galleries

319 North 11th Street in the Callowhill Neighborhood of Philadelphia
319 North 11th Street in the Callowhill Neighborhood of Philadelphia. “Photo courtesy of Hidden City. Color design added by Artblog, with permission from Hidden City.

If you’ve spend as much time as I have clutching a PBR and running into every artist you’ve ever met or went to school with in the 319 building, this one will be special to you. You can support the beloved Automat, Grizzly Grizzly, Marginal Utility, Practice, and (newly re-named) Pink Noise Projects by purchasing this 319 N. 11th St. shirt from Print Natural. As of now, they have sold 24 out of their 50 t-shirt goal- so head over and get yours now to help them get there!

From Marginal Utility’s David Dempewolf: “Automat, Practice, Grizzly Grizzly, Marginal Utility and Pink Noise Projects have been meeting weekly during the pandemic to ensure that programming continues on the 2nd floor of 319 in the short and long term future. Help support these ongoing initiatives and get a cool t-shirt too.”