Socialist Grocery

5 panel comic of Socialist Grocery


[Panel 1]: Sebastian stands behind a computer monitor, ringing up groceries for a woman in a green sweater and a coral mask named Linda. Linda reaches into her bag while she speaks to Sebastian. Her car is primarily filled with boxes of different berries.
Linda (customer): Hey thanks again Sebastian, great to see you. And thanks for listening to my story about finding a frog corpse in my DVD player.

[Panel 2]: Close-up on Sebastian, visible from the side. He swipes a credit card and looks at the monitor for the total.
Sebastian: No problem, Linda. That’ll be $75.55. What are you gonna do with all these berries?

[Panel 3]: Linda hunches over and clutches at one box of berries in the cart as she looks back up at Sebastian.
Linda: I read online that berries prevent the virus from mutating… so you won’t get it again! Amazing right? Works with any berry.

[Panel 4]: Close-up on Sebastian, this time from the front, partially obscured by the computer monitor. Sebastian’s eyes look tired and distant.
Sebastian: Linda where did you read that?

[Panel 5]: Sebastian is visible in the right side of the panel, but two other people take up the majority of the view. On the left is an employee with shoulder length hair, with their back turned towards a taller figure. The figure is the manager, who gestures with their hand as they engage in a confrontation.
Random Employee (to manager): Wait so we don’t get free water bottles anymore?
Manager: No, sometimes we find them lying around the store, so really you took away your own water privileges by not being mindful! But look on the bright side, pajama day is coming up.