Socialist Grocery

6 panel comic from the series "Socialist Grocery"


[Panel 1]: A grey-haired customer looks suspiciously down at a pile of dragonfruit. Sebastian, who is walking by, glances backwards at the customer over his shoulder.
Customer: So you only have dragon fruit for a limited time??
Sebastian: Yeah. It’s a seasonal item.

[Panel 2]: Now visible from the side, the customer still does not break his gaze towards the fruit. Sebastian is also visible from the side, still facing the opposite direction as he passes the customer.
Customer: So this is what Joe Biden’s American looks like…
Sebastian: I mean, yeah. He’s never expressed a stance on the dragon fruit market so… that is probably true.


[Panel 3]: Sebastian and a co-worker in a red beanie stock a shelf. Their backs are turned away and their arms are up in a cactus position while they chat and position the cans of food.
Co-worker in beanie: … So then my girlfriend comes home and sees me watching Magic Mike 2 and says “Do we need to talk?” and I said “Yes we need to talk…. about how good this movie is!”

[Panel 4]: The red beanie wearing co-worker is now visible from the front, holding a can. Sebastian very distantly visible in the background.
Co-worker in beanie: I love that Channing Tatum used to strip.

[Panel 5]: Close-up to Sebastian in front of the shelf of cans
Sebastian: You know who else was a stripper? The guy from Rage Against the Machine.


[Panel 5]: Zoom out to reveal a third co-worker, stocking the shelf parallel and opposite to the one that Sebastian and the red beanie co-worker stock. This co-worker has red hair that is swept to one side and wears an orange mask. He looks backwards towards Sebastian, who returns eye contact over his shoulder.
Co-worker with orange mask: Harrison Ford?