Grand Ballroom of Doom

Six panel black and white comic from the series Grand Ballroom of Doom


Caption: Liberals of January 20, 2021

[Panel 1]: A woman with her hair in pigtails, wearing a puffy sleeved blouse under a sweater vest, holds a coffee cup as she speaks to a man laying in bed. The man is shirtless and sits up on his side wearing an excited and cheeky expression on his face.
Woman: Time to get up! We gotta start holding Biden accountable today!
Man: So excited!


[Panel 2]: The pair joyously walks down the street. The woman bends over to sniff a plot of flowers in a standing planter.
Woman: Look at the pretty flowers!
Man: pretty

[Panel 3]: Now, the two bend over on the sidewalk, embracing a pair of puppies. They have wide eyes and wide grins as the two puppies jump on their thighs in excitement.
Man: Look at the puppies!

[Panel 4]: The panel is cropped to shop the two from the waist up, holding huge ice cream cones. The man’s tongue is elongated as he moves to take a big lick.
Man: Ice cream
Woman: Yummy!


[Panel 5]: The man and woman sit on the second row of a rollercoaster ride as it’s drops down from its peak. Everyone on the coaster holds their arms up and screams while their bodies and faces distort from the wind.
Coaster riders: WEEEEEEEE!!!!

[Panel 5]: The man and woman return to their bed. The woman sits contently next to a bedside table, looking towards the man. The man stands on one foot as he slides the other under the covers to get in next to her.
Man: It feels so good to hold Biden accountable!
Woman: Sooo good!