Socialist Grocery

8 panel comic from the Artblog comic series Socialist Grocery


[Panel 1]: Sebastian, wearing his yellow store button-up and name tag, sits in front of the grocery store register. His eyes are closed and he is slumped over with his head sitting in his hands. Behind him on the wall is a poster that says ‘TOFU / WE LOVE IT

[Panel 2]: A customer– wearing a purple and white striped button-up, a yellow mask, and a green baseball cap with the brim upturned– approaches Sebastian from behind by tapping his shoulder. Sebastian looks startled as he sits upright.
Customer (whispering to Sebastian): Hey, are you all allowed to drink on the job?


[Panel 3]: Sebastian turns around to look at the customer. Partially in view, the back of the customer’s head as he listens to Sebastian’s response.
Sebastian: No, of course not.
Customer: Well, are you all high?

[Panel 4]: Sebastian gazes into the distance, slightly turned to the left, not making eye contact with the customer. Sebastian’s eyes are wide as he calculates a response.
Sebastian: Ooooooh

[Panel 5]: Sebastian turns to face the customer.
Sebastian (confidently): Yes.


[Panel 6]: The customer leans in to whisper to Sebastian again. They cup their left hand to the side of their mouth and gesture behind them with their right hand by pointing their thumb over their shoulder. A couple walks behind the customer. They push a baby and glance suspiciously, out of the corner of their eyes, at the whispering customer.
Customer: Okay well, you’d all better be careful, if you’re high all the time, you won’t know what do when there’s an incident one day.

[Panel 7]: A close-up on the couple’s baby, who is sucking on a pacifier and napping in a red stroller. Sebastian and the customer’s speech bubbles appear from the left and right.
Sebastian: What do you mean… incident?
Customer: Y’know… There’s people down the street hiding out and plotting.

[Panel 8]: The customer walks away, leaving Sebastian behind them. Sebastian stands with his arms outstretched and fingers spread out, gesturing his disbelief at his exchange with the customer. His brow is furrowed and cheeks are flushed underneath his mask.
Sebastian (semi-frantically): Wait do you mean the TEENAGERS volunteering for the National Guard who train at the Armory?? I have never seen them do anything except get Wawa and gossip.
Customer (from a distance while walking away): Godspeed.