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Socialist Grocery


7 panel comic from the Artblog series "Socialist Grocery" in which Sebastian adjusts to life while the city's Covid-19 restrictions are beginning to ease.


[Panel 1]: Sebastian– a white man with curly shoulder-length light brown hair– is wearing a purple striped hoodie, forest green pants, and a green olive colored mask. He is walking his orange bike down a crowded city block. There are planter boxes attached to townhouse windows to his right. A man with a short dark haircut, wearing round glasses and a yellow mask, populates the righthand foreground, walking in the same direction as Sebastian. There are three other passerbys in the foreground, all partially obscured by the large yellow narration bubble.
Narration: I love watching people get back into socializing. I think it’s so funny.

[Panel 2]: Two men are walking down the street together, smiling and making small talk. The first person is white and has brown medium-short hair and a mustache. He is wearing a pink shirt and a white mask pulled down beneath his noise. The second person is black and has short black hair and a closer cut mustache. He is wearing a green button-up shirt over a gray hoodie and a gray mask. His mask is also pulled down, and his mouth is open in a wide grin.
Man in white mask: Tom Hanks– Just… Wow!
Man in gray mask: Right?? Wow!!

[Panel 3]: The focus shifts to a different pair of friends, two women, who are making small talk. The woman on the left is white and wears a light purple shirt with a white frilly collar and a long necklace with a big white cross on it. She has red shoulder-length hair and bangs. Her mask is hanging off of her left ear, and her left finger is looped around the other half of the mask. She is smiling at her friend. The other woman is white and has long orange hair pulled back into a pony tail. She’s wearing a green and orange striped t-shirt and a hot pink mask over her mouth and nose.
Woman in purple shirt: If he doesn’t bring the Jager, I’m literally going to murder him.

[Panel 4]: The focus shifts again, to a married couple walking together. The woman on the left is a black woman with blonde hair and a buzzcut. She is wearing a white shirt with a blue collar, an orange jacket, and burnt orange pants. Her husband is a black man with long braids tied back with a red hairband. His braids are tucked into the hood of his red sweatshirt. They are turned slightly towards each other as they talk.
Woman with buzzcut: If there is a God, he’s from New Jersey!

[Panel 5]: The outside of an orange storefront with a brown sign that says “TATTOO” in a red-orange gradient. The bottom of the building has red & white striped trim. The glass door entrance is set back into the building.

[Panel 6]: Sebastian is sitting in a big red chair inside of the tattoo shop when he sees someone he knows. He looks up apprehensively and makes small talk with her. His acquaintance, a white woman with blonde hair parted down the middle, is standing in front of him with her eyebrows slightly raised. She is wearing a green and white striped t-shirt, pink and red squiggly pants, and a subdued purple mask. Her friend, a white woman who is tall and has long, voluminous, red curly hair, stands next to her, looking down at Sebastian. She is wearing a blue tank top and a gray mask.
Narration: It’s funny until I have to do it too. Then it’s humiliating.
Sebastian’s acquaintance: Oh hey Sebastian! You’re getting Tattooed today too? This is my friend Jamie.

[Panel 7]: Close-up on Sebastian, who is looking upwards uncomfortably and holding his hands together so that his thumbs touch near his heart and his other fingers meet below, creating a triangle shape.
Sebastian: Um, Hi!! What’s…. your life like?