Socialist Grocery

8 panel comic from the Socialist Grocery series where Sebastian discusses his love of Pokémon with a drunk customer who is FaceTiming with his friend; the friend feels that the customer has been neglecting their friendship in favor of playing Pokémon.


[Panel 1]: Sebastian– a man with white skin and curly shoulder-length light brown hair– is wearing a mustard colored button-up shirt, a red name tag, a blue mask, and red-orange square eyeglasses. He is standing behind a cashier monitor at the grocery store. Behind him, another worker with light brown skin and brown ear-length hair stands at another cashier monitor. There are flowers on display to his right. A few customers populate the rest of the panel, but are cut off by the yellow speech bubble at the top of the panel.
Narration: There are a lot of drunk people coming in for snacks now that bars in Center City are open to full capacity.

[Panel 2]: Sebastian’s profile is visible as he looks towards the left side of the panel, leaning in close to the computer screen. He is looking out of the corner of his eye with a worried expression on his face towards a white male customer who is facing the same direction as Sebastian. He has short brown hair and is wearing an orange mask, a pink and red color block shirt, and purple pants. He is pushing his red cart filled with fruits and cereal with his left hand, and holding a smart phone up in front of his face with his right hand.
Customer: Hey dude. Yeah I’m checking out at the grocery store. Yeah I can stay on FaceTime. No worries.


[Panel 3]: Close-up, front view of Sebastian, who is looking down at something out of frame. The background behind him is a gradient of light purple (top) to dark purple (bottom).
Sebastian: Damn. You got all the food groups in here.
Customer: You gotta catch ’em all dude.

[Panel 4]: Sebastian pulls up a pant leg to reveal a tattooed leg, which he is holding up at a 90 degree angle and pointing at to show the customer. The customer continues to look at his friend on FaceTime, ignoring Sebastian’s leg.
Customer: Like Pokémon.
Sebastian: That’s so funny. I just got this Pokémon Tattoo.

[Panel 5]: Close-up, front view of the customer, still holding his phone up in front of his face. The back of Sebastian’s head occupies the bottom lefthand side of the panel.
Customer: My friend is a hater. He doesn’t like Pokémon.
Sebastian: Let me talk to him.


[Panel 6]: A wide rectangular panel shows the back of Sebastian’s head on the left and the customer on the right. The customer is holding his phone out into the middle of the panel for Sebastian to talk to his friend on FaceTime. The friend has brown skin, buzzed short hair that is dyed blue, and is wearing a white sweatshirt and white square eye glasses. There is an orange background behind him.
Sebastian: You don’t think Pokémon is a timeless and universally loved franchise that perfectly marries the concept of friendship with both tournament style action and collectible culture?

[Panel 7]: Close-up on the friend on FaceTime, who is tilting his head to the right, holding his left hand up to her cheek, and his right hand up in front of him in a “pause” gesture.
Friend on FaceTime: No. I like Pokémon. I just don’t like that it’s taken my friend away. Every time I’m like ‘Hey Man. Come over” he’s like ‘ No bro I’m trying to catch all the fairy types in the game’

[Panel 8]: Sebastian (profile view, looking to the right of the panel) grasps the customer’s bicep. The customer (three-quarter view, looking towards Sebastian) looks stunned. With his eyes wide open, he shrugs his shoulders upwards in reaction to Sebastian touching his arm.
Sebastian: He’s not a hater. He misses you.