Socialist Grocery

6 panel black & white "Socialist Grocery" comic in which Sebastian has a strange encounter with a customer, who is standing way too close to him during the Covid-19 pandemic, about the "correct" way to eat British crumpets.


[Panel 1]:Sebastian, wearing a mask, stands sideways (facing left) as he looks out of the corner of his eyes towards two of his co-workers (behind him). Both co-workers wear masks and have shoulder-length hair. The co-worker who is speaking has straight, pushed back hair, and is a head shorter than the other co-worker; who has curly, middle-parted hair and is holding a box of produce as he listens.
Co-worker: So it’s 90 degrees in Chicago, and they’re throwing mayonnaise at us!

[Panel 2]: Sebastian crouches on the ground, supporting his body weight with her left hand, as he stocks boxes onto a low shelf with his right hand. A customer holding a small dog in his right hand stands hovering over Sebastian, staring down at him as he stocks the food.
Narration: Well, we’re back to full capacity, no social distancing, and these people are WAY too close.

[Panel 3]: Sebastian stands and cocks his head to the left, looking intently at the customer with the small dog (who is turned right, facing him). The customer’s long hair is pushed behind their back and their eyebrows are knit in concern.
Customer: Excuse me, when will you be getting the British crumpets in stock?
Sebastian: Oh, next week!Love those with some butter & jelly.

[Panel 4]: Close-up on the customer’s dog– a dog with medium-length hair and floppy ears– in the customer’s hands, as she responds to Sebastian.
Customer: Thats not how you eat them. Absolutely not. Repeat after me:

[Panel 5]: A profile view of Sebastian and the customer shows that the customer has moved even closer to Sebastian, starting intensely into his eyes. Sebastian stares back, with a slightly bewildered expression.
Customer: Toast them, slap on peanut butter, let it melt.
Sebastian: Peanut butter, let it melt.
Customer: Then you’re gonna cut it into 4 triangles.
Sebastian: 4 triangles.

[Panel 6]: The back of the customer’s head is visible as Sebastian, facing forward, continues to stare into the customer’s eyes.
Customer: Then, you watch Law & Order.
Sebastian: I watch Law & Order.