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Socialist Grocery


7 panel black and white comic from the Artblog series "Socialist Grocery," in which Sebastian visits the local Rite Aid before having coffee, and finds himself in multiple annoying situations.


[Panel 1]: A city block with a Rite Aid Pharmacy on the corner of the block.
Narration: It’s 9 AM, I’m at Rite Aid getting creamer so I can drink my morning coffee.

[Panel 2]: Sebastian wears a mask and his glasses, and holds his backpack straps as he walks down an aisle of the Rite Aid. He looks over his left shoulder, with an annoyed look on his face, towards a woman wearing glasses who has her hair tied up in a pony tail, and a young girl with a middle part. Both the woman and the girl are maskless and yelling at each other.
Narration: There’s a massless mother & child arguing about which shampoo is most ethical.

[Panel 3]: A profile view of Sebastian as he stares at a stacked tower of Tastykakes. Behind the tower is a poser of a woman with a bandaid on her arm, with a caption that says “get the vaccine like this hot chick.”
Narration: There’s a Tastykake sale.

[Panel 4]: An aerial view of Sebastian as he looks apprehensively at a centipede under one of the Tastykake boxes.
Narration: There’s an enormous house centipede under the Tastykakes.

[Panel 5]: The centipede’s antennas are front and center, in third person view, as Sebastian stands above, looking down at the centipede.
Narration: I made eye contact with it as that song came on the radio that goes, “you gotta be cool, you gettable calm, you gotta stay together.”

[Panel 6]: A profile view of a Rite Aid worker with a modern mullet, wearing a mask, as they stand behind Sebastian.
Rite Aid worker: Do you need help today?

[Panel 7]: Close-up view of Sebastian from the shoulders up, wincing.
Sebastian: I need God today.