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Socialist Grocery


Five panel "Socialist Grocery" comic where Sebastian contemplates which stage of life he and his partner are in, as they sit on their phones together or as Sebastian gets sensory overload while listening to Kylie Minogue and making tuna salad.


Title: Socialist Grocery

[Panel 1]: Sebastian and their partner, Maggie, sit from across the table from one another in a kitchen filled with potted plants. The two chat while looking at their phones; Sebastian drinks a cup of coffee.
Narration: I wonder what stage of life we’re in when we wake up and sit on our phones together.
Sebastian: I finally found this one ‘Tech Deck’ dude on eBay I’d been searching for… only $10.
Maggie: Did you know that George Michael was a COMMUNIST?

[Panel 2]: Sebastian and Maggie sit side by side on a coach and continue to chat as Sebastian shows Maggie a song on his phone, and Maggie listens while sipping coffee.
Sebastian: I’ll play you the song I’ve had stuck in my head all week.
Maggie: Oh, cool, sounds like ‘They Might be Giants?’
Sebastian: Unfortunately, this is from ‘Veggie Tales.’

[Panel 3]: Sebastian– wearing his hair is tied up into a pony tail, a hoodie, and boxer briefs– hunches over a butcher block in the kitchen, emptying a can of tuna into a bowl.
Narration: I wonder what stage of life I’M in…

[Panel 4]: Close-up aerial view of Sebastian’s hand holding the can of nearly emptied tuna over the bowl and a salt and pepper shaker
Narration: … when I’m in my underwear, making tuna salad alone on my day off, my edible hits, and…

[Panel 5]: Sebastian looks disoriented and sickly as he slouches and removes the hairband from his hair with his right hand
Narration: … I need to take out my tight ponytail because I’m listening to Kylie Minogue on full blast in the background and I’m on the verge of a sensory overload.