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Socialist Grocery


6 panel comic from the series "Socialist Grocery," in which Sebastian dreams that he, his partner, and former roommates have a debate about frozen pizza- fancy vs. Ellio's,


Title: Socialist Grocery

[Panel 1]: The backs of Sebastian’s, Maggie’s, and their two friend’s heads are in the foreground as they walk towards the entrance to an Acme.
Narration: I had a dream last week that my friends and I all decided we would (once again) move in together, and planned a weekly Acme trip.

[Panel 2]: The group– consisting of Sebastian, Sebastian’s partner Maggie, and their four former roommates– huddles near the entrance, each wearing a mask each holding cash in their hands.
Narration: At the weekly Acme trip, we pooled all our cash and got THE most complicated frozen pizza we could find.

[Panel 3]: The back of Sebastian’s head is in the foreground as he stares at a pizza box, featuring an image of a pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni on it. The box says “ORGANIC STUFFED THIN CRUST CAULIFLOWER KETO FARM RAISED VEGAN PIZZA”

[Panel 4]: Sebastian looks energetically into his partner Maggie’s eyes, holding a hand up as he explains himself. One of their former roommates, who has a shaved head, stands next to Maggie, listening to them debate.
Narration: I understood the sentiment of our routine but I had other ideas, too.
Sebastian: Ellio’s is like… 2 dollars!
Maggie: We didn’t come here for Ellio’s.

[Panel 5]: Close-up of Maggie, staring down towards Sebastian and responding.
Maggie: I know it’s good. I know it’s $2. We’re on a mission. We’re creating a life’s purpose.

[Panel 6]: Sebastian lays on his stomach in bed, shirtless, with his mouth is wide open as he explains his dream to Maggie on the phone. Their cat sits nearby on a tall cat tree.
Narration: So of course I told my partner this the next morning.
Sebastian: You were not very supportive of my idea.