Socialist Grocery

8 panel comic from the series "Socialist Grocery," in which Sebastian has an awkward experience at his OBGYN appointment.


Title: Socialist Grocery

[Panel 1]: Sebastian sits on the edge of an OGBYN exam table, wearing a hospital gown, their glasses, and a mask, hunching over and scrolling on his phone with sleepy eyes.
Narration: I had to go to the OBGYN this week to get an exam.

[Panel 2]: The gynecologist, a doctor with wavy black hair who is wearing a mask and a scrub top, energetically waves at Sebastian as she enters.
Gynecologist: Hi, I’m Anna, my pronouns are- she! and… her’s! What are yours?

[Panel 3]: Sebastian still hunching his shoulders and sitting on the exam table, looks up towards the doctor with a slightly puzzled look in their eyes.
Sebastian: Um, I’m Sebastian. He/they.

[Panel 4]: The doctor, visible from the back as she speaks to Sebastian (who is staring timidly back at her) holds her arms out to either side of her, gesturing excitedly in reaction to Sebastian’s pronouns
Gynecologist: Oh! OMG. They are? Ok!
Narration: She was very nice and also a little shocked to meet a real-life he/they. Then she asked me if I’m having any ‘issues.’

[Panel 5]: Close-up profile view of Sebastian, looking defeatedly at the doctor as they respond to the doctor’s questions.
Sebastian: Well, my sex drive has been super low for a while. So… That’s kind of rough.

[Panel 6]: Close-up profile view of the gynecologist responding to Sebastian, with her brow slightly furrowed and gesturing with her hands as she speaks
Gynecologist: Oh. Okay. First of all, foreplay is so important. I’ll get you a pamphlet.

[Panel 7]: Full body view of Sebastian sitting on the exam table, still hunching his shoulders, and his legs tensed against the edge of the table
Sebastian: Um, no thanks I think it’s just my job, long Covid, capitalism.. Forget I said anything.

[Panel 8]: The back of Sebastian’s head is is visible as they stands looking at their partner, Maggie, to whom they’ve just recounted their doctor’s visit.
Maggie: What do you mean you didn’t take the foreplay pamphlet? That sounds like gold.