Discover or rediscover local artists on Artsper, an online art marketplace

Artsper is an online art marketplace with the mission of making fine art and art collecting accessible. In this sponsored post, Artsper highlights local Philadelphia artists whose work is available on Artsper-- Alice Neel, Darryl McCray, and more-- and explains their dedication to promoting overlooked artists. They also provide a useful overview of Artsper itself as a platform, for those who are unfamiliar.

Discover the Forgotten Artists of Philadelphia on Artsper

Couch and coffee table with sculptures on it, and a black painting with an abstracted figure in the center, hanging in between two french doors in a big brightly light room with white walls.
Elitsa Baramo, Ecstatic, 2020, Image credit Artsper

Philadelphia is a city rich in history and while some might stop at the Liberty Bell, the city’s art history is in no way to be neglected. On Artsper, one of the world’s leading online art marketplaces, it’s easy to rediscover and invest in artists you may have forgotten — or those you’re newly falling for. Dedicated to the accessibility of fine art, Artsper’s catalog includes over 170,000 artworks, making it easy to discover original pieces of your local history at an attainable price.

Home to esteemed institutions such as Moore College of Art & Design, and rich with haunting histories, Philadelphia has always drawn an artistic crowd. Artsper hosts a number of famous artists who once called the city home. Take Alice Neel, for example. The realist portrait painter studied in Philadelphia before settling in New York. Is she your favorite local artist? Then you’re in luck… Hand-signed prints by Alice Neel are available on Artsper’s site.

Figure painting of four females, in the center a mother with a blonde child on her lap, two older girls with shoulder-length brown hair on either side with their arm around the mother.
Alice Neel, The Family, 1982, available on Artsper

Street art was practically born in Philadelphia thanks to the iconic Darryl McCray, aka Cornbread. Philly continues to feel this influence with the ever-changing murals and graffiti throughout the city. Abstract Expressionist Franz Kline, too, was raised in the Philadelphia area and the movement’s impact can still be felt today. James Kelly and Sonia Gechtoff both largely contributed to Philadelphia’s Abstract Expressionist scene. Artists have long shone a spotlight on the diverse and multifaceted art scene that exists in and around Philadelphia and it remains a mission of Artsper’s to highlight each locale’s character.

Two artworks side by side; left, a map of Philadelphia with "cornbread the legend of legends" written in black marker on top; right, a ink figure drawing in an interior space near a window.
Left: Cornbread, Cornbread The Legend Of Legends Philly Transit Map, 2019 / Right: Franz Kline, Study for Elizabeth, 1945, both available on Artsper

Moreover, Artblog and Artsper’s missions align on the promotion of often overlooked demographics of the art world. On Artsper, you can buy from and choose to support emerging artists from marginalized communities — BIPOC, LGBTQ+ artists and women — and browse artworks directly from each group. If you prefer to source artworks not based on location or demographic but price instead, try using Artsper’s price filters to discover affordable original artworks. Ready to start collecting?

No matter your budget, whether you’re looking to purchase a signed print by Alice Neel, a Philly-inspired piece by Cornbread or an original piece by an emerging artist, you can find it on Artsper. There’s even a free art advisory service to help make collecting fine art attainable to everyone. With original paintings, photos, sculptures and more starting at less than $100, now’s the time to invest in local artists on Artsper (before they become big names)!

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