Socialist Grocery

6 panel comic from the series Socialist Grocery, in which Sebastian is approached at work by a man asking if the prices of avocados being high is in any way related to the high gas prices; to which Sebastian spirals and thinks about googling "how to explain capitalism in 1 min," but instead just says "um... yeah, kindof."


[Panel 1]: Sebastian, who is wearing a mask, is hunched over, stocking avocados in the produce section of the grocery store.
Narration: I don’t really have much of an intro for these comics these days. I’m not saying anything you all don’t know.

[Panel 2]: A male customer with short hair and stubble, who is not wearing a mask, approaches Sebastian with an inquisitive look on his face.
Customer: Hey, these avocado prices are really high… Does it have something to do with gas prices?

[Panel 3]: Sebastian looks exhausted and bewildered. Imagery of credit cards, avocados, dollar bills, and coins circle around his head.
Sebastian: Does it have something to do with gas prices?

[Panel 4]: Images related to the question obscure everything except a set of eyes (likely Sebastian’s), which are dead of expression. Imagery includes the words “avocados” and “gas prices” in bubble letters and quotation marks, a $100 bill, the BP gas logo, a motorboat, the outline of the US, and a motorboat.

[Panel 5]: More collaged imagery, primarily a google search bar that says “how to explain capitalism in 1 min,” but also more gas station logos, one of the eyes, the globe, and a hand holding a positive Covid test.

[Panel 6]: Zoom out to Sebastian, who has straightened up from hunching and stocking avocados, and who looks concerned and weary as he looks out of the sides of his eyes towards the customer and answers his question.
Sebastian: Um… Yeah kind of.