Socialist Grocery

6 panel black and white comic from the series "Socialist Grocery," in which Sebastian is at work at the grocery store, helping direct traffic from the check out line to specific cashiers, when one customer's strange hat sends them spiraling.


[Panel 1]: Sebastian, who is at work and wearing his work uniform, stands on a step stool where he can see customers checking out and direct customers in line to check out to one of the open registers. The customer at the front of the line speaks to Sebastian as he waits. He has facial hair and wears a baseball hat and a sweater.
Sebastian: Ok I’ll send you to a register when someone opens up.
Customer: Cool, thanks man. Love the one-line system.

[Panel 2]: Sebastian looks down at the customer from above on the step stool, noticing the text on the customer’s hat, which reads “PENIS VAGINA LATTE.” The man looks into Sebastian’s eyes blankly.

[Panel 3]: Zooming out, a full-body profile view of Sebastian standing on the stool and looking straight ahead towards his co-workers on the register, and away from the man and his hat. The man continues to wait at the front of the line, now in silence. Sebastian’s internal monologue is puzzlement.
Sebastian (thinking internally): What does the hat mean? What the fuck? Is it a meme? A T.V. reference? A list of, like, things he wants in his mouth? Is it nonsense?

[Panel 4]: Sebastian looks out at his co-workers at the registers, considering to whom he should send the customer.
Sebastian (thinking internally): The words are in red, white, and blue… Is it a QAnon thing? It must be. I’ll send him to Matt. He might not hate crime Matt.

[Panel 5]: Close-up on Sebastian with a concerned look on his face as he continues to scrutinize over where to send the customer in the strange baseball cap. One of Sebastian’s co-workers stands next to Sebastian, and leans in close to Sebastian, discreetly commenting on the hat.
Sebastian (thinking internally): Shit, maybe he’ll indoctrinate Matt into QAnon…
Co-worker (speaking out loud): It feels like… hat guy wanted to go to a Pride Parade but is still figuring himself out…

[Panel 6]: Sebastian looks over at his co-worker.
Co-worker: … so he bought an AI generated Pride hat from Buffalo Exchange.