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Socialist Grocery


6 panel black and white comic from the series "Socialist Grocery," in which Sebastian goes to their local Old Nelson Market and overhears some very strange conversations.


[Panel 1]: Sebastian, wearing a mask, backpack, and button-up shirt, stands outside of a deli and looks at their phone.
Narration: I recently moves close to an Old Nelson Market. Something about the conversations I hear outside that place… so priceless.

[Panel 2]: Sebastian stands nearby a person with short hair and square glasses, and a person with long curly hair tied up into a pony tail, with bangs that sit just above her round glasses. They’re huddled close to one another, talking.
Person with square glasses: So, I actually have 3 pairs of skis.
Person with round glasses: 3 pairs of skis? What for?

[Panel 3]: Close-up on the person with square glasses’s face as he explains…
Person with square glasses: Well, my show skis, my water skis, and my… “you know what” skis.

[Panel 4]: Close-up on Sebastian’s bewildered face as they overhear the square-glasses ski person speaking; Sebastian’s mask is now pulled down to show a small frown.
Sebastian: …

[Panel 5]:Sebastian, standing in the same spot outside the deli, now over hears a different conversation between two people with curly hair, one with a bowl cut, the other with a mullet.
Narration: I liked the secretive ski person. I also liked this motivating and enabling partner.
Person with mullet: Dude- I missed 6 days of pills. How did you let me go 6 days with no meds?

[Panel 6]: The man with the bowl cut looks directly into the man with a mullet’s eyes and points a stern finger towards him as he speaks
Person with bowl cut: Hey. It’s ok that you forgot. You were busy being part of a movement.