Artblog announces Julia Marsh as incoming Executive Director and Editor

Artblog joins the growing list of organizations in the area that are undergoing leadership change, as we welcome Julia Marsh as Executive Director and Editor, with Roberta stepping into the new role of Executive Editor. Here's to another 20 years of Artblog!

Julia Marsh, Artblog's new Executive Director and Editor, is wearing a black shirt and glasses stands in front of the sun setting on the Philadelphia skyline.
Julia Marsh is Artblog’s new Executive Director and Editor. Photo by Abbey Lakey.

Entering its 20th year in 2023, Artblog is proud to announce that Julia Marsh is taking over as Executive Director and Editor, and Roberta Fallon, outgoing Executive Director and Editor and Artblog Cofounder will become Executive Editor.

Julia Marsh comes to Artblog as a longtime supporter, advisor, contributor, and member of the Artblog Advisory Committee. She is an artist, curator and writer who has exhibited internationally, held several curatorial positions, and has been an editor for print and online publications. She writes about art, technology, photography, media art, social practices, and women artists. Her writings have been included in various publications, including Artblog, Public Art Dialog, OB.SCENE, Art inCULTURE, Art inASIA, International Women’s Art Biennale, and SPACE.

Julia said about her new role with Artblog, “I see the mandates of my new position as unique opportunities to help shape the future of discourse on art in Philadelphia, by continuing to build on the history of Artblog as a space for documenting what makes up the rich and varied contemporary art world of Philadelphia.”

“I am very excited for Julia‘s new leadership to infuse Artblog with energy, and take it in directions that will match her energy and vision,” Roberta said about the transition. “Julia’s vast experience in varied roles in the art world makes her an ideal leader to take on the challenge of bringing Artblog into the future.”

Roberta’s role as Executive Editor will allow her to continue at Artblog as a writer, interviewer, podcast interviewer, and advisor. As a cofounder of Artblog and active member of Artblog’s Board of Directors, Roberta can provide institutional memory upon which to build Artblog’s next chapter.

Artblog Board Chair Anne Robinson said about the change at the organization she’s long supported, “This leadership transition will position Artblog to look forward to new and exciting possibilities as we approach the 20th anniversary of an organization in which Roberta Fallon has been a visionary, and will continue to be a guiding force.”

For additional information or to speak with Julia Marsh, email Julia at

Artblog is an independent nonprofit online arts publication founded by Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof in 2003. We foster equality and community through reviews, news, podcast interviews, essays, commentary and discussion about art and culture. We raise the profile of marginalized artists—the young, the elders, POC, LGBTQ+ and women—who have been left out of the conversation in the mainstream media. We do all this through our online publication and with programs in the community. We focus primarily on the Philadelphia region and educate our community about the importance of art to civil society.