Artblog’s 20th captured in video! Plus, Trash Bash 2023, Blanche Brown, Roberto Lugo, Pati Hill, Richard Torchia

We're excited to show you the video made at our 20th Birthday Party and Silent Auction, with cameos by Libby and Roberta, Keyonna Butler, Gilda Kramer, Blaise Tobia, Niko Walczuk, Sarah Gamble and Tanner Wells, and featuring throughout, the wonderful MC, Soxx (Jenny Drumgoole)! In addition, we're offering a free gift for new monthly supporters of Artblog! And, there's lots of people news this week, and, once again, Artblog is happy to support our friends at RAIR as Trash Ambassadors! Read about their upcoming Trash Bash with links and an image below. Enjoy and stay safe out there! xo

Artblog News

Two things to call your attention to, my dears. First, here’s a fantastic video of Artblog’s 20th Anniversary Celebration and Silent Auction at Moore College on Sept. 7, 2023. If you were there, this is the highlights reel and if you missed being there you will enjoy it all the more for the “you are there” ambiance. Thank you, Emmy, for your great video work. Thank you Ryan deRoche for the excellent video editing.

Second, we are offering a wonderful gift to the first 15 people who sign up to make a recurring donation to help support Artblog in our 20th Year of Continuous Operation Serving You! The Artblog blank book (a $15 value) is yours if you’re one of the first 15 to sign up to support Artblog monthly. We suggest $20/month, but all recurring dollar amounts are most welcome. This happy portable book is wonderful for taking notes when you go round to see the art or attend the events brought to you via our new Gallery Guide and Event Listing service, Artblog Connect! Once you sign up for a recurring donation, we will be in touch with how to get your Artblog blank book!

A bright lemon yellow softback book with a black and white comic on the front cover and word bubbles in black on the back cover.
Artblog Blank Book, front and back covers. The book is 100 blank pages for you to doodle, make lists, write screeds, or poems. Consider making a recurring monthly donation to Artblog!


Artists Roberto Lugo and Kevin Beasley Receive 2023 Heinz Awards, Recognition Includes $250,000 Prize
Congratulations to our favorite potter, whose work inspires and delights. Read more here.


Pati Hill exhibit at Printed Matter, with Richard Torchia speaking on Oct. 18.

A bright pink images shows white ribbons cut into small segments floating as if in a pink cocktail of ether.
Pati Hill, Untitled (Ribbons), xerograph, 16 1/2 x 11 5/8 inches, c. 1990. Courtesy Pati Hill Collection, Arcadia University.

Pati Hill: My old fur coat doesn’t know me at Printed Matter through Oct. 29, explores the publications and extensive photocopy work of American writer and artist Pati Hill (b. 1921, in Ashland, Kentucky, USA; d. 2014 in Sens, France). The exhibition traces Hill’s forty-year practice beginning in the early 1970s, and includes some of her most emblematic projects, with an emphasis on her artists’ books and related working materials, many on view for the first time. The exhibition is curated by Baptiste Pinteaux, and produced with the assistance of the Pati Hill Collection at Arcadia University (Glenside, PA) and gallery Air de Paris.

Wednesday, October 18, (6-8PM) – Conversation with Richard Torchia (Director of Arcadia Exhibitions), journalist & critic Arthur Lubow, and Hill’s friend, artist Terry Blum. The group will discuss Hill’s bodies of work across xerography and writing, her important friendships with artists and writers throughout her life (Diane Arbus and James Merrill, to name a few), and the ways in which her own identity as a woman, housewife, and mother shaped her practice.
[Ed. Note – See Roberta’s 2016 review of the Pati Hill exhibition at Arcadia University Art Gallery.]

A black and white collage of copier machine prints adds up to show an elongated image of the artist's shadow.
Pati Hill, Self portrait with a feather duster, photo montage, 11.75 x 8.5 inches, c. 2000. Courtesy Pati Hill Collection, Arcadia University.

Blanche Brown named Executive Director, Vox Populi

A white woman stands on a fire escape leaning on a railing, she is smiling and her dark hair is pinned up, she wears a pale peach coat.
Blanche Brown, new Executive Director, Vox Populi Gallery. Courtesy of Vox Populi.

Vox Populi is pleased to announce the appointment of Blanche Brown [she/hers] as its new Executive Director. Blanche Brown has been acting as Interim Executive Director since October 2022, transitioning collaboratively with Danny Orendorff upon his departure for The Contemporary Austin. The board of directors and collective membership body look forward to Blanche assuming the full-time role of Executive Director of Vox Populi in October 2023 and continuing her stewardship of the non-profit contemporary art space and collective.

Trash Bash, RAIR’s 10th annual fundraising extravaganza
A poster in dark Halloween-ish colors of black and purple and yellow announces "Trash Bash" Nov. 8, 5:30-10pm at Atelier Art Gallery

Trash Bash, Wednesday, November 8th, 2023 Atelier Art Gallery 1301 N. 31st St. Philadelphia, PA 19121 Suite 2
VIP Reception 5:30-7 pm; General Admission 7-10 pm EST
VIP: $100 in advance, $120 at the door; General Admission: $80 in advance, $100 at the door
More information about Trash Bash

Artblog is happy to once again be a Trash Ambassador for our friends at RAIR, who offer such a superb artist residency focused on making our world aware of our collective waste and figuring out how we can make our world a better place. RAIR’S mission is Helping artists and the environment. We strongly support their mission.