Artblog News with Pictures and Videos! RAIR Opportunity, ‘Rising Sun’ extended, Weitzman lectures at Penn

A quick word of thanks to all who donated their art and goods to the Artblog 20th Anniversary Celebration and Silent Auction! We love you so much, thanks! Thank you for coming out, Philadelphia artists and art lovers! We were honored to have you celebrate with us. Read on to peep many more thanks and to see some auction-related quick videos, and pictures. And read to the bottom for a great opportunity with RAIR, and for other news you won't want to miss. ALSO, check out gallery listings at "Artblog Connect," our new listings website! Link in the post.


Two women hold a knife and cut cake at a celebration of their 20-year partnership in an arts publication, Artblog.
Libby and Roberta cut the cake at the Artblog 20th Anniversary Celebration, Sept. 7, 2023 at Moore College. Photo courtesy of Jenny Drumgoole.

Artblog celebrated our 20th Anniversary with a silent auction and party last Thursd, Yvonne Lung). If you were there, thank you! If you couldn’t make it, we will see you next year! Many generous people contributed to making our event a success. Thanks first to the Artblog Board, the Auction Committee (Beth Heinly, Jen Zarro, Bryan Warner, Libby Rosof, Roberta Fallon, Patrick Coué, Matt Kalasky, Yvonne Lung). Special thanks to our dear friend and Advisor Patrick Coué, who worked long and hard to bring this together. Thanks to Beth Heinly for excellence in framing and to all her help with social media and the online auction site! Thanks to Ryan DeRoche who worked long and hard on our 20-year video and on helping with checkout. Thank you, Morgan Nitz, for your rock of Gibralter steadiness and take charge at the checkout and to Yvonne Lung for wrangling the wrappings! Soxx (Jenny Drumgoole), thank you for your energetic and mischievous hosting. You were perfect! Thank you, Gabriel Boyce and Bryan Warner for coming in to help install after work! Your expertise and ladder work were invaluable! Matt Kalasky, that cake was legendary! Thanks!

Moore College couldn’t have been more generous. Thank You, Gabrielle Lavin, Deanna Emmons, Katie Dillon Low, Sonny, Bryan, Sophia. Thank you, Michele O’Neill for amazing catering, Claire Devlin for smart AV work. You all are amazing and generous.

If You came out to help us celebrate, you are great! Thank you! We loved celebrating with you. If you missed it, we will catch you another time! We throw a good party – ask around. Love to all.

You may have seen Peter Crimmins’s wonderful feature about Libby and Roberta and their 20 years of Artblog. How great to see the article; to hear it on the radio; to hear people tell you they heard it on the radio! Thank you, Peter!

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Did you see Soxx’s “summer’s not over” video announcing our event? It’s the BEST!
Soxx tells you about the Artblog 20th Birthday Celebration and Silent Auction

Did you see Ryan DeRoche’s great 20-year celebration Video? It’s so GREAT!

Did you see Wendy Weinberg’s terrific “Art of Activism” video segment featuring Libby and Roberta and one of their giveaway projects? It’s so WELL DONE!

Did you see this nice little video peek at the auction items as they were being installed by Patrick Coué and Gus Boyce?


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A photo shows a wall covered with photographs that look like they are all from the 19th century, all sepia tones and black and white with oval or ornamental frames around each. Over this wall are two objects, one is an enlarged image of a daguerreotype of a black family and a smaller image of a blurry woman with silhouettes of black figures over and next to the daguerreotype. next to this in the center of the wall is a translucent scrim with a decorative column printed on it. Next to the wall of photographs there is a flat screen with a cyanotype blue images of black figures on the screen.
A view of Deborah Willis’s installation, “Facing the Rising Sun” at AAMP. (Photo: Constance Mensh for African American Museum in Philadelphia.)

Rising Sun exhibit at PAFA and AAMP extended!
The African American Museum in Philadelphia (AAMP) and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) have announced that the joint exhibition, Rising Sun: Artists in An Uncertain America, will be extended at both institutions beyond its original October closing date…The one-of-a-kind exhibition, which invites guests to join 20 artists in exploring the themes, issues, and realities of the question is the sun rising or setting on the experiment of American democracy will now be on display until December 31, 2023, at PAFA and March 3, 2024, at AAMP. Read Emily Schilling’s review on Artblog of the two shows.


Weitzman Lecture Series at UPenn announced
The Weitzman Fall 2023 Lecture Series brings together built environment professionals, artists, historians, and curators to discuss the ideas animating their work and the forces shaping their professions.

The series includes a symposium on the history and future of Africatown, a community in Alabama founded by formerly enslaved West Africans brought to the United States on the last-known illegal slave ship voyage; a lecture on the ways that computation and design can be combined to create communication strategies that expose urban policy issues; and a symposium surveying large-scale ecological restoration projects around the world.
The series begins on Wednesday, September 13, with Los Angeles-based architect Eric Owen Moss, who will deliver The KPF Lecture.

Among the scheduled speakers:

Witold Rybczynski, the Martin and Margy Meyerson Professor Emeritus of Urbanism
Ratish Nanda, CEO, Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Jane Mah Hutton, Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Waterloo
Kevin Jerome Everson, Artist and Filmmaker

Admission is free and open to the public for most events. Unless noted otherwise, lectures take place at Meyerson Hall, 210 South 34th Street, Philadelphia. See the website for complete details.


New! PERELMAN PERFORMING ARTS CENTER OPENS SEPTEMBER 19 in Lower Manhattan – THE Final Public Element of the World Trade Center site. Many of the inaugural concerts and other activities are free and open to the public. More information at the PAC website.