Socialist Grocery November 2023

Socialist Grocery Comic for November 2023 Artblog
Socialist Grocery Comic for November 2023

Dialogue and Transcription

In this 7-panel comic part of the series Socialist Grocery by Oli Knowles, Sebastian begins with an observation, “It’s not necessarily horrible, but lately, a lot of people think I’m a straight girl.”  Panel 1, Sebastian is being propositioned by a bearded bespeckled straight white man, “So, you don’t want to go out for coffee with me on Saturday?” Sebastian responds, “I have a date with my spouse that day.” The other person responds, “Well, miss, your husband is a very lucky man“. (Underlines are the author’s) Panel 2, a co-worker is talking to Sebastian, “Hey, just found out Mac lays out their outfit the night before they’re going to wear it. Do you do that too?” Sebastian replies, “No?”. The co-worker responds, “Oh. Well, must be a gay thing. Panel 3, a different co-worker offers, “Thank you for being such an ally to the transgender community.” Panel 4, Sebastian is searching for a solution, “Maybe I need one of these graphic tees. I googled “LGBTQ SHIRTS”.” Panel 5 image of a t-shirt “Straight but not narrow” listed for $39.99 afterpay $9.99. Add to cart? Sebastian decides, “No.” Panel 6, a t-shirt reads, “I see you   I accept you    I support you   I respect you    I love you” with a rainbow at the bottom. Sebastian decides, “No.” Panel 7, a t-shirt reads, “Proud Dad of a smartass lesbian daughter”. Sebastian ponders, “Hmm, maybe this one.

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