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two panel comic with woman and man eating and talking

Woman in car

Pivotal: Photography at James Oliver Gallery


[Noreen appreciates a different view of Americana offered by several contemporary photographers. The show is often colorful, and just as often vaguely unsettling. — the artblog editors] Unlike most downtown galleries, James Oliver Gallery gives an impression of home. Comfortable lounge chairs cluster in the middle of the viewing space, allowing ample standing and ... More » »

Cat in window

The artblog Reader Advisor


[Good morning! How do you feel about cats? If you’re allergic, skip to the next post, because boy do we have a lot of cats (and politics, and current events) for you today. — the artblog editors] Today’s Reader Advisor is all about the best things ever: CATS! DEAD CATS!, via Fusion ... More » »

Installation view

Forms of Elegance — Dynastic Chinese ceramics at the PMA


[Andrea tours the PMA’s Chinese ceramics collection, enjoying the wares’ restraint and the museum’s attention to providing context. — the artblog editors] The recently installed gallery of Chinese ceramics at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), painted a soothing celadon green, is as subtle and elegant as its contents. Curator Hiromi Kinoshita ... More » »


Microetchings and a hodgepodge of scientific imagery — Mind Illuminated at the Mütter Museum


[Evan racks his brain for insight into a neuroscience-inspired show of works, finding himself a little lost in the neural network. — the artblog editors] The hodgepodge of scientific imagery, Eastern-influenced design, and ultra-sleek presentation that artist and neuroscientist Greg Dunn presents in Mind Illuminated at the Mütter Museum can’t seem to ... More » »

Image via Hyperallergic.

The artblog Reader Advisor


[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: A hilarious idea for a Confederate monument fix; IBM’s Watson A.I. has thoughts about your prose style; banks now coach young millionaires on art-buying, and more. — the artblog editors] HOVer Lane? Amazon Plans Dedicated Drone Airspace, via So Fresh and So Clean: Artists ... More » »



From the vault: Jess Perlitz’s interactive work

[Canadian sculpture artist Jess Perlitz recently opened Chorus, a moving work comprised of recordings of incarcerated men and women throughout the U.S. She ... More » »

Michelle Post, speaking with us Jan. 31 at DaVinci Art Alliance.

From the vault: Michelle Post on artblog radio

[Sculpture artist Michelle Post’s “tronies” become a permanent exhibition this month at Grounds for Sculpture. The Oligarchs features Post’s metal busts of America’s 19th-century wealthy ... More » »