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[This weekend on the artblog Reader Advisor: The Super Bowl gets art-close and personal with a little landscape wager; check out the sun-drenched California rollerskaters of yesteryear; and a quick and incisive piece on corporate funding of the arts. — the artblog editors] New Exhibit of German-American Folk Art Now on View at the PMA’s Perelman Building, via CBS In Auschwitz, Prisoners Did All They Could to Keep Art Alive, via CNN These Playful Photos of ’70s/’80s-Era Los Angeles Rollerskaters Offer a Rare Glimpse Into the Past, via the Telegraph A Provocative Piece on the Dangers of Artists Accepting Money ... More » »

The ever so vibrant Yannick Nézet-Séguin (Music Director) conducting The Philadelphia Orchestra; Courtesy of The Philadelphia Orchestra

The Philadelphia Orchestra “Rachs” the house during the St. Petersburg Festival


[Donald appreciates the beauty of our own Philadelphia Orchestra, and shares a few interesting facts about Rachmaninoff. — the artblog editors] Few people might know this, but Sergei Rachmaninoff had a strong connection with Philadelphia–in fact, his very first U.S. appearance ever was at the Academy of Music in 1909, where he ... More » »

Park Towne Place call for artists

Sponsored Post – Park Towne Place: Art Acquisition Program – A call for all artists!


[Hey, artists–looking for a new place to show your work? Consider submitting to Park Towne Place. Details below. — the artblog editors] Park Towne Place is currently undergoing a full redevelopment program to create a revitalized property and once again be among the premier rental communities in Center City Philadelphia. This four ... More » »

Bonnie Jones, from her poem projected on a screen

From the vault: Agony and ecstasy at Vox’s AUX


[It’s been nearly three years since Libby gave an incisive review of a new-media performance and art show at Vox Populi. Having immersed ourselves in our devices all the more since then, we thought we could all use a reminder that texting and other less personal forms of communication can, sometimes, elevate ... More » »


Grayson Perry asks, “Who are you?” at the National Portrait Gallery in London


[Our U.K. correspondent, Katie, considers how a show by Grayson Perry uses news and entertainment media–and how it uses him. — the artblog editors] Since declaring that “it’s about time a transvestite potter won the Turner Prize” back in 2003, Grayson Perry has become a sort of television ambassador for contemporary fine ... More » »

Does this Robert Ryman pain remind you of anything? Image via ArtNet.

The artblog Reader Advisor


[This week on the artblog Midweek Reader Advisor: A few lists to entertain you during #Snowmageddon2015; Bjork bids a bitter bye to boyfriend Barney;and an art museum decides to hide a certain work’s existence. — the artblog editors] Dia de Los Muertos: Archaeologists Might Just Have Found Cervantes’ Body, via CBC News ... More » »

Larissa Bates, "Agricola and the Maternal Male." Photo courtesy of the artist and the West Collection.

News post – Josette Urso in Italy, celebrating 15 years of Schuylkill Center, huge PAFA gift, opportunities and more!


News 2015 marks an even 15 years since the Schuylkill Center began its one-of-a-kind environmental art program. Their upcoming show, with artist Mary Mattingly presenting the Richard L. James Lecture on environmental art, takes a look at Mattingly’s WetLand installation (a boat-based ecosystem!), which was a huge success at the 2014 Fringe ... More » »


wall display in cafe

Live Comments by Douglas Witmer at Green Line Cafe

[Roberta sees a new kind of display at a cafe in West Philadelphia and grabs a live comment from cafe owner and ... More » »

people in gallery

Live Comments – October Grand opening of CruxSpace

[First Friday, Oct. 3, 2014, saw the grand opening of CruxSpace, a new media gallery, near Girard and 7th St. I stopped by ... More » »