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colorful painting by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

[Roberta gets hyperlocal with today’s News Post. – Artblog editors] TODAY – HYPERLOCAL NEWS! FAIRMOUNT PARK – Via the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance – Art Place announces $18M in grants to 6 organizations including $3M to Fairmount Park Conservancy for creative placemaking, i.e., art in places, about places, and with people in those places to make the places better! Congratulations! From the Art Place website announcing the awards: Fairmount Park Conservancy (Philadelphia, PA), a public parks stewardship organization that champions the role parks play in strengthening civic life and economic development.  Attend the Community Forum- Oct. 22, 2015 at 4 p.m. ET ... More » »

color comic by Andrew Jeffrey Wright



Book cover

Photo book reviews — Araki and The Last Cosmology


[Evan contrasts two photo books by Japanese photographers who are just seven years apart in age, but whose approaches are markedly different. Want to buy one or both of the books on Amazon? You can support the artblog by shopping from our Amazon Smile link. And thanks! — the artblog editors] New ... More » »


The artblog Reader Advisor


[This weekend on the artblog Reader Advisor: All the links you never wanted to waste your time on. But hey–it’s Sunday, and we picked the best ones. — the artblog editors] The Un-Reader Advisor The hardest part about writing a Reader Advisor is sorting the essential reading from the not-so-essential reading. This ... More » »


…the better to hold you with, my dear… Lisa Conn at Space 1026


[Lauren enthuses over a colorful multimedia show by Lisa Conn, who’s long parlayed her inventive ideas into children’s books and other illustrations. — the artblog editors] Space 1026 has a knack for narrative artwork, and the gallery most definitely taps into Philadelphia’s craze for narrative, street-inspired illustration with Lisa Conn’s new show, ... More » »


Between one reality and the next — Interface at Fjord Gallery


[Noreen shares a couple of evocative pieces at this current show, which explores the realm of user interface and how humans interact with digital processes and technology. — the artblog editors] In(between)ternet The Internet exists somewhere between the real and the theoretical: a new digital plane of existence. User interface (UI) allows ... More » »



From the vault: Jess Perlitz’s interactive work

[Canadian sculpture artist Jess Perlitz recently opened Chorus, a moving work comprised of recordings of incarcerated men and women throughout the U.S. She ... More » »

Michelle Post, speaking with us Jan. 31 at DaVinci Art Alliance.

From the vault: Michelle Post on artblog radio

[Sculpture artist Michelle Post’s “tronies” become a permanent exhibition this month at Grounds for Sculpture. The Oligarchs features Post’s metal busts of America’s 19th-century wealthy ... More » »