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A couple in bed

Fringe Arts, Pig Iron, and PAFA unite for 99 Breakups


[Donald takes a romantic romp through a performance piece showing that breakups aren't the end of the world. -- the artblog editors] Have you ever needed a fresh outlook on the dreaded “breakup”? The Pig Iron Theatre Company’s 99 Breakups (a world premiere) at PAFA’s Landmark Building allows its viewers to laugh ... More » »

abstract painting of many colors

The artblog Reader Advisor


[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Miley Cyrus makes a colorful visual art debut; two lists of must-see shows in Philly and NYC; artists whose work is a platform for activism can apply for a Rauschenberg Foundation grant. -- the artblog editors] Trite Yet Amusing: Miley Cyrus’s NYFW Art Debut via the ... More » »

garden gnome inside

Special happening at Roth opening at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery last night


[Roberta sees a surprise performance at a gallery opening last night. -- the artblog editors] The exhibit Roth opened last night at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery.  In addition to the group show — which celebrates the first Dieter Roth exhibit at the University of the Arts in 1966 and which is great — the new ... More » »

Mail truck

Museum on wheels — Erin Bernard’s Philadelphia Public History Truck


[Want to place Philly history in context? Get rolling with the Public History Truck. Noreen tells us about this new take on the food truck trend, fueled by neighborhood engagement. -- the artblog editors] This past August, I interviewed the curator of the city’s only vehicular museum — the Philadelphia Public History ... More » »

Show poster

Till Birnam Wood… “watching” Shakespeare while blindfolded


[Alaina opens her mind and closes her eyes, reviewing a performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth during which the audience is blindfolded. -- the artblog editors] Lunching with colleagues a few weeks ago, I said I’d be looking for a date for a new Fringe Festival adaptation of Macbeth that the audience would experience blindfolded, ... More » »


Matthew Green at our interview, Jan. 20, 2014, at  CultureWorks.

Matthew Green on the lure of painting and the Meadowlands – on artblog radio

Matthew Green’s realist oil paintings depict the natural world punctuated by pieces of the built environment that intrude and insist on the ... More » »

Roberto Lugo and his wife, Ashley Lugo, during out interview last December at Crane Arts.

Roberto Lugo talks about family, humor and what fuels his ceramics – an artblog radio podcast

When we talked with Roberto Lugo last December he told us many provocative things, like how he grew up in a poor ... More » »