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[Noreen appreciates a different view of Americana offered by several contemporary photographers. The show is often colorful, and just as often vaguely unsettling. — the artblog editors] Unlike most downtown galleries, James Oliver Gallery gives an impression of home. Comfortable lounge chairs cluster in the middle of the viewing space, allowing ample standing and seating space. Like a private viewing parlor, the gallery allows an intimate, informal space for discussion. In stark contrast, the art of Pivotal abandons this sense of comfort and familiarity. Featuring the photography of three Philadelphia-based artists, Pivotal brings a disquieting and strange atmosphere to seemingly familiar subjects. Where ... More » »

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The artblog Reader Advisor


[Good morning! How do you feel about cats? If you’re allergic, skip to the next post, because boy do we have a lot of cats (and politics, and current events) for you today. — the artblog editors] Today’s Reader Advisor is all about the best things ever: CATS! DEAD CATS!, via Fusion ... More » »

Installation view

Forms of Elegance — Dynastic Chinese ceramics at the PMA


[Andrea tours the PMA’s Chinese ceramics collection, enjoying the wares’ restraint and the museum’s attention to providing context. — the artblog editors] The recently installed gallery of Chinese ceramics at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), painted a soothing celadon green, is as subtle and elegant as its contents. Curator Hiromi Kinoshita ... More » »


Microetchings and a hodgepodge of scientific imagery — Mind Illuminated at the Mütter Museum


[Evan racks his brain for insight into a neuroscience-inspired show of works, finding himself a little lost in the neural network. — the artblog editors] The hodgepodge of scientific imagery, Eastern-influenced design, and ultra-sleek presentation that artist and neuroscientist Greg Dunn presents in Mind Illuminated at the Mütter Museum can’t seem to ... More » »

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The artblog Reader Advisor


[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: A hilarious idea for a Confederate monument fix; IBM’s Watson A.I. has thoughts about your prose style; banks now coach young millionaires on art-buying, and more. — the artblog editors] HOVer Lane? Amazon Plans Dedicated Drone Airspace, via So Fresh and So Clean: Artists ... More » »

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Popemageddon II, Icebox Truck show 2015, Artist-run gallery in LA with Philly roots, plus Mural Arts, Marta Sanchez, House Gallery, TSA, opportunities and More!


NEWS Via Plan Philly Facebook: The Pope Fence and the Security perimeter may be in flux but here’s what floated around Facebook yesterday. It’s a dark map for what should be a happy event, no? Via Plan Philly and Bradley Wrenn, a funnier map later in the day, enhanced with appropriate Pleistocene and Medieval era ... More » »



From the vault: Jess Perlitz’s interactive work

[Canadian sculpture artist Jess Perlitz recently opened Chorus, a moving work comprised of recordings of incarcerated men and women throughout the U.S. She ... More » »

Michelle Post, speaking with us Jan. 31 at DaVinci Art Alliance.

From the vault: Michelle Post on artblog radio

[Sculpture artist Michelle Post’s “tronies” become a permanent exhibition this month at Grounds for Sculpture. The Oligarchs features Post’s metal busts of America’s 19th-century wealthy ... More » »