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[This weekend on the artblog Reader Advisor: Matt collects inspiration to look critically at ourselves, our biases, and our weaknesses. — the artblog editors] Our Invisible Selves This weekend, we celebrate America and the culture and history that binds and defines us. But for many Americans (myself included), a large portion of what actually comprises our position in the world–our heritage, our race, our sexual orientation–remains largely obscured from our daily life. For me, being white, straight, and male is something that I rarely think about or am forced to think about. So infrequently are these distinctions acknowledged that they ... More » »

Colin Quashie, Auntie Jemima (Oprah)57” x 69”Acrylic on Canvas2004; Uncle Ben (Colin)57” x 69”Acrylic on Canvas2004

Colin Quashie burns down the Plan-ta-shun at the African American Museum in Philadelphia


[I had the pleasure of talking with artist Colin Quashie about his incendiary show, Plan-ta-shun, at the AAMP. The artist, who is a very funny, congenial guy, told me he had been a comedy sketch writer for the show MadTV, and is now a registered nurse! He’s always had a day job, ... More » »

fireworks in night sky

Happy Holiday Everybody!


All of us at Artblog wish you the best hotdogs, vegan treats and fireworks ever! We will be with our families and friends and will catch up with you on Sunday, with Matt Kalasky‘s new, topical Reader Advisor! — the Artblog editors


The Usable Earth at Esther Klein Gallery


[Marvin sets off through a relationship-based exhibition, particularly enjoying an evocative video work by David Scott Kessler, and suggesting that maybe, outer space is closer than we think. — the artblog editors] The Usable Earth, a new exhibit at the Esther Klein Gallery in the University City Science Center, addresses the ecological ... More » »

misty copeland via npr

The artblog Reader Advisor


[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Misty Copeland earns a hard-fought honor; a Wisconsin artist raises Catholic hackles; Frank Gehry’s design for Facebook headquarters; and more. — the artblog editors] Copeland’s Crowning Moment: First Black Principal Dancer in ABT History, via NPR The Muller-Lyer Illusion Is Something You See Every Day ... More » »

Installation view

News post — @JacolbyS and #JohnWaters in LA, Margery Amdur back from Iceland, @ClayStudio wins it all, new @Eyebeam/@BuzzFeed Fellowship, opportunities and more!


[Today in art news and events: The Clay Studio is having a bang-up summer; the #RachelDolezal scandal hasn’t quite died down yet; BuzzFeed offers promising full-time opportunities for artists and citizen journalists; and Rutgers students return from Iceland. — the artblog editors] News If you are in Los Angeles and somehow still ... More » »



From the vault: Jess Perlitz’s interactive work

[Canadian sculpture artist Jess Perlitz recently opened Chorus, a moving work comprised of recordings of incarcerated men and women throughout the U.S. She ... More » »

Michelle Post, speaking with us Jan. 31 at DaVinci Art Alliance.

From the vault: Michelle Post on artblog radio

[Sculpture artist Michelle Post’s “tronies” become a permanent exhibition this month at Grounds for Sculpture. The Oligarchs features Post’s metal busts of America’s 19th-century wealthy ... More » »