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[Today in art news and events: The Clay Studio is having a bang-up summer; the #RachelDolezal scandal hasn’t quite died down yet; BuzzFeed offers promising full-time opportunities for artists and citizen journalists; and Rutgers students return from Iceland. — the artblog editors] News If you are in Los Angeles and somehow still not partied out after celebrating the victory of marriage equality, make some upcoming LGBTQ exhibitions stops on your weekend itinerary. Queer Fantasy at OHWOW Gallery in Los Angeles, featuring Jacolby Satterwhite and John Waters, is curated by William J. Simmons and focuses on works from the 1950s to today. ... More » »

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The artblog Reader Advisor


[We’re celebrating. We hope you are, too. — the artblog editors] A shorty this week: Like all previous iterations, I am writing this Reader Advisor on the Friday before it is published on Sunday. And because I am writing this on Friday, June 26, 2015, right now I feel that there is ... More » »

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A postcard from Dublin


[Susan reports on her travels through several Irish museums, discovering the depth and variety of Irish contemporary art and the fascinating preservation of the country’s natural history. — the artblog editors] Dear Philadelphia: great news! This spring it was my good luck to have an extended stay in Ireland–in beautiful and rustic ... More » »


Matthew Colaizzo’s Locality at NAPOLEON


[Noreen feels transported by a series of otherworldly, monochromatic woodblock prints. — the artblog editors] As a citydweller, it is easy to feel isolated from the forces of nature. A metropolis dislodges the city from the Earth. There is little grass to walk on, few trees to take shade under, and tall ... More » »



From the vault: Jess Perlitz’s interactive work

[Canadian sculpture artist Jess Perlitz recently opened Chorus, a moving work comprised of recordings of incarcerated men and women throughout the U.S. She ... More » »

Michelle Post, speaking with us Jan. 31 at DaVinci Art Alliance.

From the vault: Michelle Post on artblog radio

[Sculpture artist Michelle Post’s “tronies” become a permanent exhibition this month at Grounds for Sculpture. The Oligarchs features Post’s metal busts of America’s 19th-century wealthy ... More » »