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Weekly Update – First Friday group show at Jolie Laide and Charles Burwell at Bridgette Mayer


November 3, 2010   ·   7 Comments

Painting by Paul Demuro, whose work is at Jolie Laide this month

De-Nature, the seven-person group show at Jolie Laide, demonstrates how artists love to mess around, ie transform or de-nature things, on the way to creating something new. Guest curator Wendy White is a New York artist, and most of the artists are New Yorkers with track records exhibiting in and around the Big Apple.  So it’s a New York show — go see it anyway.

Painting by Paul Demuro, whose work is at Jolie Laide this month

Go for Brian Bellott’s collages, which bubble over with color and rhythms and wild, id-fueled energy; and for Tyler BFA (and Rutgers MFA) Paul Demuro’s paintings.  Demuro paints like he’s decorating abstract birthday cakes while tripping on LSD.  Go for Liz Markus, Tyler MFA, who paints her feelings in drippy, ghostly quasi-realist works.  (Recently, her portrait “Frank is much better than this painting” appeared in the “Thanks, Frank” show.) Take in these exuberant and idiosyncratic works by these emerging New York artists, some with Philly connections, and save your Bolt Bus money for another weekend.

De-Nature, Nov. 5-Dec. 1. Opening Reception: Friday, November 5, 6-9PM Jolie Laide Gallery, 224 N. Juniper St. 267 603 1295

Charles Burwell, Overlay 2 Oval, OilonPanel, 30x24." Burwell's work is at Bridgette Mayer gallery this month

Charles Burwell’s colorful, heavily-patterned abstract paintings are all about relationships.  What types of relationships, you ask?  While not clearly spelled out, we’re talking every kind, including interpersonal, historical, biological, technological and formal artistic relationships — all writ large in the interplay between color and shape, with hard-edged lines and biomorphic forms circled by sweeping lasso-like arcs. Burwell’s oil paintings are dreamy and meditative and built up layer by layer freehand and with stencils and templates.   Both psychedelic and harmonious, the works reveal and revel in their depths, which suggest never-ending bright-hued conversations – not arguments – where passages echo and answer like married couples finishing each other’s sentences.  As with jazz improvisation, there are underlying rhythms that ground the works (the stripes, the repeat cloverleaf shapes) and risky solo moments with swooping lines or large passages demanding attention.  From cool mint green to acid yellow-ochre, Burwell’s colors surprise.  Nine new works are on display at Bridgette Mayer this month.  Go.

>>Charles Burwell: Structuring Desire/Desiring Structure.  Nov. 2-Dec. 17, Opening reception, Nov. 5, 6-8:30 pm.  Bridgette Mayer Gallery, 709 Walnut St.  215 413 8893

Read this article at Philadelphia Weekly.

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7 Responses to “Weekly Update – First Friday group show at Jolie Laide and Charles Burwell at Bridgette Mayer”

  1. Sid Sachs says:

    So it’s a New York show — go see it anyway???? Hey what if someone said its a Philadelphia show- go see it anyway? Its artwork. And some I am curious about. Go see it.

  2. roberta says:

    ha ha, Sid. Just a little (apparently failed) humor. These are all interesting artists — fantastic roundup in fact. SHould be really great!

  3. frank hyder says:

    Roberta,this is a first class review of Charles’s work insightful and elegant. well done.One might even think about Stuart Davis a bit here .in my book that ain’t bad

  4. roberta says:

    Hi Frank, thanks! I agree on Stuart Davis–with Charles’s colors decidedly different!

  5. I agree with Sid.
    New York vs Philadelphia? That’s great if we’re talking about the Phillies and the Yankees, but out of place here. In other Philly shows of New York artists, such as the recent Abigail DeVille show at MU, your review betrayed no home-turf belligerence, even though DeVille’s as New York as they come.

  6. roberta says:

    What can I say Pearce. I like the home team. But I’m also up for a little competition showing up. The comment was tongue in cheek, I guess. I should have put a smiley or winky face in the post.

  7. Travis Heck says:

    Thought I should chime in here. Jolie Laide is a proud member of the home team. Provincialism is not an ingredient added to our curatorial mix. Nor do we think it should be. We take just as much pride in this fact, as we do in working hard to do our small part to show interesting art here in Philadelphia. Jolie Laide will continue to show great art produced by artists from our region and beyond. I hope everyone that comes to the opening tonight enjoys the show. Whether you love it, or hate it, come say hello. I would love to hear what you all think.

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