We love videos on artblog and started making the "Look! It's Libby and Roberta" series with David S. Kessler in 2007. Our Art Safari videos with Kim Paynter, came along in 2011 (see episode 1 here); and our Decade-of-artblog videos, with Sammi Jauch, came out in 2013 (episode 1 here). Our most recent video, made by Michael OíReilly and his WHYY Friday Arts team, debuted in February 2014 (see it here).

We'll be bringing you more videos in the future, so come on back!

students sitting and laughing

New video introduces the Artist and Social Responsibility (ASR) students, teacher and class!

Please meet our students! Bahsir, Kelly, Gabrielle, Johne, Jazmin, Noreen, Isaiah, Veronica, Aileen, Lydia! And see more about this exciting project that Knight helped us start (Thank you Knight Foundation!) Contribute to the support of the ASR Project – Donate at Artblog’s IndieGoGo campaign site! ¬†Thank You!  

what the art be

Jim Winters: Presence, at the Jewish Museum of Art — Episode 1, What The Art Be, a new video series

[Leah Koontz and Michael Mizrahi collaborated on this great video review of the Jim Winters show at the Jewish Museum of Art at Congregation Rodeph Shalom. In the video, Episode 1 of a new series called What The Art Be, Leah is played by Tami and Michael is played by Gabe. ¬†The piece is four-and-a-half minutes long, and you will LOVE it! ¬†The show closed April 20, 2014. — the artblog editors]

Libby and Roberta

artblog featured on WHYY Friday Arts – see the video here!

Thank you Michael O’Reilly and the entire WHYY Friday Arts crew for the wonderful backgrounder on artblog! We are proud to be on Friday Arts and very happy we can share this video with you on the blog! ¬†If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a lovely ten-minute video, no commercials, and follows us around as we give a talk at Tyler, trek around on a cold First Friday and talk about the story of artblog. ¬†See the video at WHYY’s site.


Decade-of-artblog video, Episode 10 – Thank You all for participating!!

This is the last of the Decade of artblog episodes. Thanks to everybody who shared their wonderful comments with us about artblog. We had a lot of fun filming this! (There are still tickets left for our two November Decade of artblog fundraiser parties! Thursday, Nov. 7, we will be celebrating with Diane Burko and Richard Ryan; and Saturday, Nov. 9, we will celebrate with Mari and Peter Shaw. We’d love to see you there. See our TicketLeap site for more information and to buy a ticket! And to see the Episode 10 video (and get the link to the ... More » »

Annette Monnier

Decade-of-artblog videos, Episode 9 – What are you excited about in Philadelphia?

The end is near! This is Episode 9 in the 10-episode¬†Decade of artblog series. In this 3:11-minute episode we ask people what they are excited about in Philadelphia right now. The video was shot in the summer, so some things mentioned are past. ¬†But hear what’s on peoples’ minds — From Hidden City and Citywide, to Design Philadelphia, the Fringe Festival and the opening of 3rd Ward (now closed!) eleven people tell us what they’re really excited about. Next week we wrap it up! (Click the headline of this post to get to the video.) [Note from the editor: What ... More » »


Decade-of-artblog videos, episode 8, with Zoe Strauss, Cecelia Fitzgibbon, Thaddeus Squire and Gary Steuer!

Episode 8 of the decade-of-artblog videos features Zoe Strauss, Cecelia Fitzgibbon, Thaddeus Squire, and Gary Steuer talking about artblog’s contribution to the Philly art scene. A little more than 2 minutes long, enjoy! Click the post’s headline to see the video on a new page. [From the editors – Please join us Sat., Oct. 19, 2013, at our decade-of-artblog event, Unfiltered, a show-up-and-show celebration of artblog and Green Line Cafe! ¬†Oct. 19, 4 PM – 6 PM, bring yourself to Green Line Cafe, Locust and 45th St. for the opening reception of the 6-week show! ¬†Artists, bring a small work ... More » »


Decade-of-artblog videos – Episode 7!

Seven people speak about artblog in our 7th, Decade-of-artblog video! Watch this short 2-minute and 23-second video to hear what Julian Phillips, Syd Carpenter, Hilary Jay, Gary Steuer, Dave Kyu, Edith Newhall and Nathaniel Popkin have to say. [Hey everyone, we had our first Decade-of-artblog party this weekend and it was great! ¬†We will have some photos to show you soon! ¬†Thanks to everybody who came to celebrate with us, and sign up for a ticket to one of our two remaining parties on Nov. 7 and Nov. 9. We’d love to see you there. Details at TicketLeap! –the editors]


Decade-of-art videos, Episode 6! People give us some feedback and suggestions

In this Decade-of-artblog episode, we get some suggestions on how to make artblog better! And we get lots more nice comments. Enjoy. [Hey there! ¬†This is the last week to get tickets for our Sept. 28, 2013, Decade-of-artblog party at Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art. Go to our Ticketleap page to get your tickets for this and our other two parties on Nov. 7 and Nov. 9! –the editors]


Decade-of-artblog video, Episode 5!

Here’s Episode 5 for you, where 11 people talk about many things they like about artblog. They like the diversity of what we cover; the international coverage; the fact that you can read about the show on artblog and see pictures, even when you can’t get to see it in the real world. Featured in this episode are Dave Kyu, Sid Sachs, Marcella Marsella, Chrstine Pfister and 7 others, who shout out the reasons why they keep coming back. [And don’t forget our Decade-of-artblog fundraising parties! Three great nights at collectors’ houses with the chance to see their art collections ... More » »

Douglas Witmer at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, June 7, 2013

Decade-of-artblog videos, Episode 4 – We visit First Friday exhibits at the Vox building

In this episode, we visit First Friday exhibits on June 7, 2013, in the Vox building and talk with Matt Kalasky, Mary Smull, Douglas Witmer, David Dempewolf and Yuka Yokoyama. ¬†Less than two-minutes long, see what people have to say! [And don’t forget about our Decade-of-artblog fundraising parties on Sept. 28, Nov. 7 and Nov. 9. ¬†Tickets are available at TicketLeap! ¬†And also, everyone is invited to come out for our first-ever event with Green Line Cafe! Unfiltered is a show-up-and-show exhibition at Green Line on Locust and 45th St., in which everyone is invited to show up, bring a ... More » »

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