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Artblog is a team of artists, writers, curators, and art historians who write their hearts out about shows and issues of importance to the community. We seek especially to write about under-represented populations, like minorities, women, and other groups disenfranchised by the mainstream art world. Our writers and editors are supported by a tech team. And all of us are buoyed by the love of community members who for 13 years have given us their enthusiastic Bravo's!, in emails, in real world conversations, and with personal contributions. From as near as South Philadelphia as far away as Denmark, our readers place great value in what we do.

We convened a panel of experts in March, 2015, to talk about the changing world of public art and art made with community involvement and more than 100 turned out to listen and ask questions. (left-right) Pepon Osorio, Professor of Art, Tyler School of Art, Amy Sadao, Director, Institute of Contemporary Art, Ken Lum, Professor of Art, University of Pennsylvania, Aaron Levy, Director, Slought.

I think what I really, really, really love about Artblog is that it considers everything… What Artblog does is the universe of the arts in Philadelphia

— Thora Jacobson, Director, Philadelphia Art Alliance

Our reviews, interviews, features and news help demystify art for an audience that includes artists, art lovers, students, culture lovers and collectors. The knowledge about art, history, popular culture that our writers bring with them to their reviews helps people decode the often difficult contemporary art they see. Our blog helps students who will be the next generation of makers and art and culture participants.

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I go to a lot of things and see a lot of things. I can't see everything, so I can find out about things I'm missing by going to the Artblog.

— Sarah McEneaney, artist, Philadelphia

Artblog Matters to the Community

We care deeply about Philadelphia's excellent but under-recognized contemporary art scene. And we work every day to give expose this excellence to the world.

Our popular panel discussions, writing workshops, mentoring, teaching and tours continue the important work we do online, to educate people about the value of art.

Philadelphia is a leading East Coast art center and a magnet for art lovers from around the world and Artblog's deep expertise on local art and artists important. We are uniquely qualified to serve the local, regional and global community.

Since our beginnings in 2003 as a two-person review blog, we have broadcast our message about the excellence of Philadelphia art to the world, and the world has responded, with increasing numbers of artists and art lovers arriving here to visit, learn about and buy Philadelphia art.

Through our coverage Artblog has chronicled and encouraged an explosion of art production, experimentation and cultural dialog in Philadelphia.

Through our coverage we draw attention to the role that artists play in the economic and intellectual life of the city.

Artblog is a proven leader and respected as the source for news, reviews, programs and discussion about what matters in the Philadelphia art community.


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