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Kirk McCarthy, detail of grouping on shelf

June in Chinatown – Great member shows at Vox, raucous New Dreamz at Space 1026 and more!

I saw a bunch of good things this June, including performance, video and a wonderful installation by Kirk McCarthy at TandM Gallery on the 4th floor of the Vox building. Here’s my brief overview. Libby and I were out First Friday but because things were running late, we were too, so we only saw two things –  the 5 into 1 show at Moore (very good – congratulations to all the graduates in the show, including artblog contributors, Lucy Heurich and Veronica Perez!) and the New Dreamz performance at Space 1026 (amazing, brave and funny, with moments of eye-rolling silliness). ... More » »

“Making Eyes,” installation view. Found Styrofoam packaging, magazines, toilet paper wrappers, paper and paint.

Making one out of two – Meshing art practices of Ben Will and Sarah Eberle at Grizzly Grizzly

(Sam sees the Citywide exchange show at Grizzly Grizzly in which Sarah Eberle and Ben Will colaborate for the first time on an installation that looks as harmonious as a nicely planted garden. –the artblog editors.) The show Making Eyes begs the question: is the show’s title really intended as a lovey-dovey sentiment or is it a literal reference to the creation of new modes of visual perception? The exhibit by Rebekah Templeton gallery owners and artists Sarah Eberle and Ben Will, is an installation that is part of the Citywide Initiative of exchange shows in which many alternative gallery spaces like Grizzly Grizzly and Rebekah Templeton exchanged spaces ... More » »

Ted Carey, Double Backdoor Chipped, digital photo on wood, 8.5 x 11 x 1. Inches

Faded meanings – Dematerialization at Pterodactyl Gallery

The essay accompanying Dematerialization, up now at Pterodactyl Gallery in Kensington, includes the observation that “many contemporary artists and art productions have aligned with minimalist Donald Judd’s 1965 declaration of  ‘disinterest in doing [painting and sculpture] again.’” In the work on display in Dematerialization, curated by Jamie Png, this “disinterest” has extended to a negation of artistic intent, narrative, and in some cases even aesthetic appeal. Many pieces conceptually show art as providing an open-ended experience, rather than an intentional creation, while others question the essential presuppositions of the art world. This type of experimentation is a delicate tight-rope for artists ... More » »

Esteban M. Pilonieta Vera's installation about the poverty of his native country. The hut includes a door and peepholes with 3-D scenes inside.

Wilmington happenings–New! and baseball

There’s a confluence of two shows of note now up in Wilmington. I regard that as an occasion to say, here’s a good time to get down there. One is the New! annual juried show at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (to July 25) and one is the Rules for Staying Young, a baseball themed show (to May 30) at the New Wilmington Art Association‘s current venue, 4 W. 5th St., Wilmington. I haven’t seen the latter, and Roberta juried the former, so there’s only so much I can say about the shows in all fairness. But surely ... More » »

Ben Will, hulking landscape creature with mists rising

Weekly Update – Rage and quietude of Ashley Flynn and Ben Will

This week’s Weekly has my review of Ben Will’s solo show at the Arts League and Ashley Flynn’s solo show at Knapp Gallery. More pictures at flickr – Ben and Ashley. Ben Will’s paintings and sculptures in “The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing” at the University City Arts League feel very familiar. The show is sparse, consisting of only four paintings and three sculptures. Collectively, the work taps into the unconscious and never coalesces into a narrative, although a story is implied.

Another newbie gallery-Rebekah Templeton!

Screen shot of the new gallery’s webpage (mostly under construction at the moment). Like popcorn, the galleries keep exploding in the pan, coming to life as if the town is a giant stove that’s lit everybody’s fire simultaneously. Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art, project of Sarah Eberle and Ben Will, opens in November at 173 W. Girard, in the new Girard Ave. arts corridor. The innaugural show has work by New York artist Sara Gates (seen last year at Falling Cow in the show Embelish–read post) and the opening reception is the Second Thursday in November, Nov. 8, 6-9 pm. (Saturday, ... More » »


Threesies in abstraction

This is a detail from an untitled Robert Goodman painting. Click the image to see it bigger. And see more images from the show at my flickr set. Poured or brushed, chaos-evoking or orderly, abstract painting, can always make the case for itself when it’s well done. Seraphin Gallery ‘s exhibit Abstraction: 3 Views, does just that–delivers a juicy, non-representational painting show that’s a crowd pleaser. Of course no two minds think completely alike on any one subject so the three artists in the show, Robert Goodman, Jon Manteau and Ben Will, present three different approaches whose outcomes are unlike ... More » »