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Rebecca Rutstein’s Afterglow at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

[Alex enjoys a colorful, adventurous show of new works by artist Rebecca Rutstein, who moves between media with apparent ease. — the artblog editors] Geometry, geography, and geology merge with whimsy and painterly color in Rebecca Rutstein‘s latest solo exhibition at Bridgette Mayer Gallery. Her work, mostly paintings with the impressive addition of an installation in the back gallery, combines technological draftsmanship and, at times, cloying sentimentality–the unlikely pairing results in pleasing, universal works that speak abstractly of the structures which make up our world. Colorful abstractions The large-scale, panoramic acrylic paintings, “Blue Hour,” “Cumulonimbus,” and “Roller Coaster” create their own distinct ... More » »

Dana Hargrove, (Scottish, b. 1975; active in the United States), The Multis, 2014, Ink and gesso on cardboard, Dimensions variable, Courtesy of the artist and Bridgette Mayer Gallery.

News post – new show at @graverslanegallery, SVA Open Studios, Lee Bontecou, Pat Steir + more @rollinscollege, opportunities and more!

News Here’s a peek at Gravers Lane’s first show in their new space!  Featuring the works of Rick Beck, Anne Currier, Daryls Ewoldt, James McNabb, Paula Winokur, Robert Winokur and Joël Urruty, it’s a beautiful welcome into the new home. The show runs April 15-May 30, 2015. On April 27, Slought is hosting “Ghost stories,” a film screening and conversation. Taking on the politics of urban renewal, the program features Keg de Souza’s documentary film “If There’s Something Strange In Your Neighborhood…” and a conversation between de Souza in dialogue with Rahul Mukherjee of Penn Cinema Studies. The entire event runs from 6:30-8pm, and is well worth checking out. For those eager ... More » »

Portrait diptych

Eileen Neff’s Costa Rican photography at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

[Irena explores a conceptual photography show that asks viewers to engage with nature–or not–one leaf at a time. — the artblog editors] Conceptual photography often pushes the boundaries of what we recognize as real and not real, sometimes even more so than other media; it presents to us what we understand to be a factual image. In her current exhibit at Bridgette Mayer Gallery, artist Eileen Neff plays with perceptions of reality to create photographs that seem both of this world and beyond it. Nature, out of context Philadelphia local Neff embarked on a three-week artist residency in Costa Rica in ... More » »


Dina Wind’s Transformations at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

[Diana examines a wall sculpture that is playful for its combination of found objects, and simultaneously subversive. — the artblog editors] The poet Stephen Spender once defined wit as “the ability to discover amusing analogies between apparently unrelated things and express them clearly.” As I was contemplating the late Dina Wind’s more than 20 sculptures from the 1980s and 1990s in the exhibition Dina Wind: Transformations, on view at Bridgette Mayer Gallery through Feb. 28, I was struck by the wittiness of her work, which is not “amusing” in a conventional sense, but in its ability to jolt the observer into ... More » »


Sparkling Sirens — Stuart Netsky at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

[Jennifer decrypts the glittering layers of Stuart Netsky’s latest show, which includes homages to Marilyn Monroe and ’90s supermodels, as well as references to a wide range of art-historical precedents. — the artblog editors] A wall of eyes meets visitors the moment they walk into Stuart Netsky’s show at Bridgette Mayer Gallery. These cropped images of eyes are appropriated from works of art such as a de Kooning woman or a Frida Kahlo painting, or else they are the eyes of Cary Grant and other screen stars. Netsky’s exhibition, Sirens, is about looking and the escapist fantasies made possible by classic films, ... More » »


Young and Fun: Abstraction at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

[Lauren reviews a playful group show bursting with color and abstraction. — the artblog editors] Bridgette Mayer Gallery celebrated its 13th year this June with a colorful group show that included some of contemporary art’s biggest up-and-coming artists–Arden Bendler Browning, Clara Fialho, Federico Herrero, Nathan Pankratz, Rebecca Rutstein, Graeme Todd, and Laura Watt. These names are locally renowned in Philadelphia, and in some cases, internationally. But that is to be expected from Mayer’s gallery–the group of artists she displays have, in many cases, been with the gallery since its opening in 2001. The artists who are lucky enough to be ... More » »


News post – Citywide BBQ, Wind Challenge winners, Tim Eads in the press, art and play at UArts, opportunities and more!

News CITYWIDE is hosting a fundraiser at Crane Arts next Saturday, July 20, in the midst of their quest to reach their $13,000 match to their Knights Art Challenge Grant, and we hope you’ll help them keep the exciting productions coming by showing up for some BBQ good times. As with any summer shindig, there’s prizes, beer & food on hand, all donated by local businesses in Philadelphia. Get tickets directly from CITYWIDE, or at FJORD Gallery for $15, cash or check. A huzzah to The Village of Arts and Humanities: at a recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the Stockton ... More » »

The 40th Street Summer Series in action. Photo: University City District.

News post – Goodbye to Gary Steuer, Bridgette Mayer benefit, University City District heats up, opportunities and more!,

News Welcome to 2013, artblog – we now have a tumblr! Great BIG pictures from artblog stories and from other artsy tumblrs around the web, all curated by Maeve Coudrelle. Better late than never, we suppose… 2 from the OACCE – 1. Big news from Gary Steuer this week. Our beloved cultural emissary is departing the OACCE to become the new President and CEO of the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation in Denver, Colorado, assuming the position in early October. Although we lament that the Philly art world is now one man down, we are very excited for Denver! Best of luck, Gary. 2. The Bicycle ... More » »

Radcliffe Bailey, "Double Consciousness."

Radcliffe Bailey – Ruination and stoicism in a debut show at Bridgette Mayer

—History of Africans brought to America is an undercurrent in the works at Bridgette Mayer gallery this month.  Chip explains the artist’s methods and themes in his review.–the artblog editors——————>Radcliffe Bailey‘s premier solo exhibition at Bridgette Mayer Gallery pulls the viewer into a world that is both chaotic and precise, contemporary and historical. Utilizing a diverse range of mediums from steel, bronze, porcelain, wood, glass, and collage, Bailey, a New Jersey-born, Atlanta-based artist, breaks down and rebuilds his surroundings into silent, dignified compositions that are simultaneously ruinous and stalwart. While a significant portion of the show is full of Bailey’s ... More » »

Shelley Spector, "The Mend."

Shelley Spector’s personal and communal world at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

In her first solo show at Bridgette Mayer Gallery (through Feb. 23), Shelley Spector includes a variety of objects that bridge the gaps between found art, domestic wares, and nostalgic trinkets. A series of prints and a room-sized installation round out the three-part, one-person exhibit that offers variety and depth. By far the largest one of Spector’s works is the project “Mariposa.” In the room farthest to the back of Bridgette Mayer, Spector lines the walls with a long, wraparound shelf located at waist level. On the shelf rest every shape, size, and composition of spools wrapped with bright red ... More » »

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