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Sarah Puleo, Instincts, on view at Gravy Studio and Gallery in the exhibition the Denizens of Pines, though July 31

The Denizens of Pines, a group show at Gravy Studio and Gallery

[Jennifer takes a virtual hike into New Jersey’s Pine Barrens via a recent three-artist exhibit spanning photography, drawings, and film. — the artblog editors] David Scott Kessler, Kaitlin Mosley, and Sarah Puleo are artists who explore the landscape and mysteries of the New Jersey Pine Barrens–an almost mythological place. This is the home of the Jersey Devil and the White Stag; these legends have their own Wikipedia page, perhaps confirming the endurance of these myths. At Gravy Studio and Gallery, these three artists presented photographs, sketches, and film that touched lightly on this folklore, while relishing the contradictions and natural ... More » »

Katharina Grosse's "psychylustro," by now a familiar sight. Photo credit: Philebrity.com.

News post – A Candy Coated Eakins Oval, ART21 2014 stars Katharina Grosse, Pine Barrens on film, opportunities and more!

News Magic Carpet, a total environment created by Candy Coated that the Association for Public Art commissioned for The Oval, kicks off tomorrow and is on view until August 17. It’s much as you’d expect for a work served up by Candy Coated; representatives from the City and Fairmount Park Conservancy, artists and an interpretative dance team are cutting the ribbon on the “Magic Carpet” theme and 3-D illusion public art display. Plus, let’s see who can turn down a beer garden! Big old list ahead: The 2014 Grantees of the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation have been chosen, and some super-deserving organizations have gotten a boost. ... More » »


Due North provides a little slice of Iceland for North Philly

[Chip journeys to the Arctic through a recent group exhibition, noting that the 26 artists of Due North have managed to capture the icy terrain’s mystery and appeal — the artblog editors] From the frosty expanses of the Arctic, as well as right here at home in Philadelphia, the ambitious Due North exhibition appropriately housed at the Crane Arts Icebox space calls on 13 local artists and 13 Icelandic artists for a collaboration of mystical proportions. In this extensive show curated by Marianne Bernstein, artists explore themes including storytelling, travel, nature and climate, humor, and the intersections of many different media. The ... More » »