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Annette Monnier, illustration from One Review a Month blog.  Annette takes a wish.

Monday morning tidbits

Hey, it’s Monday! ¬†Wake up and try these links for a mix of fun and thoughtful stuff.


Beauty Master–Bobby Gonzales at Exclamation Gallery

Beauty Master is the name of Bobby Gonzales one-man show at Exclamation Gallery. And he tells me in no uncertain terms that it’s fashion that cranks him up. He also tells me to call him Robby.

Some floor systems are truly superior!

Libby and I are in the show Superior Floor System at Exclamation Gallery so I’m hardly objective but, you can trust me, this is one marvelous and fun show of art on the floor. It’s a lot more humble than Carl Andre and yet beholdin’ to him. You need to make an appointment with Austin Lee or Katrina Mortorff, the gallery owners/curators, to see this apartment show. Call 570 906 0766 I was worried the viewing distance would be an issue — mostly I don’t like to stand 5 ft. away from the art I’m seeing. And yet it worked ... More » »

2007 Liberta awards!

Belknap Brothers perform at FLUXspace. PREAMBLEIt was a year of utopian thinking with ambitious new venues run by young artists just out of school. In addition, several community-spirited galleries found their voice. Welcome to all of you builders of a better world: Bobos, Basho, Rebecca Templeton, FluxSpace, Yo!, Little Berlin, !, Midwives Collective, The Other Woman, The Seed Collective, etc. etc. etc. These real collectives put Second Life to shame and show it to be a chimera of the internet. We at artblog are realists and activists. We know the Philadelphia art world has blossomed into an international art destination ... More » »

Exxcapes This Friday at !

! Gallery, 727 Oak Lane in North Philly, on a sunny Saturday afternoon during their first exhibition. Beautiful light coming in the storefront gallery space. Here’s an email Q&A I did with Austin Lee, one half of ! Gallery’s team of artist-curators (the other team member is Katrina Mortorff). The gallery’s new show opens tomorrow, Oct. 26,reception 7-10 pm, with a show, Exxcapes, in which landscape is the theme — but don’t expect conventional landscapes to appear. Here’s photos from their first exhibit on the theme of the end of the world. How big is your space, roughly? either sq. ... More » »

Weekly Update – New Alternative Spaces!

This week’s Weekly has my roundup of four new alternative art spaces bringing excitement to the scene. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr. Space CowboysGritty new DIY spaces point to the future of Philly art. Sprinkled around town in apartments, warehouses and storefronts from the Italian Market to Oak Lane are four new collectives and artist-run spaces that aim to transform Philadelphia into a mecca for cutting-edge art. LITTLE BERLINLittle Berlin, at 1801 Howard St., when I went up to look before they opened in September. The blue mats on the floor are for a ... More » »

Hello ! Gallery, bye bye world

A nice crowd turns out for ! Gallery’s grand opening I don’t know how to get to 727 Oak Lane with public transportation. But after I saw the exhibit at ! Gallery, I wish I had. The exhibit is entitled The World Won’t End But Ours Will is about the earth going to hell in a handbasket. I feel tremendous guilt for getting up there all by myself in my car, even though it is a Prius. The toxic tarte For all its gloom and doom, the exhibit has a jaunty air. The tone was well represented by one of ... More » »