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blue light projection on wall and ceiling

Sort-of Live Comments – Vox building and Space 1026 on First Friday, Oct. 3, 2014

(Sadly, this reporter’s fumble fingers vaporized the 6-minute Live Comments voice recording I made Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. As with the dictates of Murphy’s Law, I had no backup version. So what we have below, folks, is a lemonade of Live Comments — a paraphrased version of what people said to me at the Vox building and Space 1026 last Friday night.  P. S. Burned once, I will never again edit from an un-backed up audio file.  Look for more (really) Live Comments in the future.) John Phillips: I just saw great John Moore paintings (at Locks Gallery to Nov. 8) ... More » »

Marc Newson, Ford 021C Concept Car, 1999.  Check the snub nose and square lines - way ahead of its time!

February – Cold outside but hot inside, a belated First Friday photo post

First Friday started early for Libby and me with a trip to the Perelman Building at the PMA with Collab board president Vesna Todorovicz Sacks, who showed us the Collab 2013 Design Excellence Award show of Australian designer Marc Newson.  Not only is the work a delight — playful, colorful, sleek and clean, the design of the show itself is very cool.  Like an exploded 3D version of a model home, the show features a garage with a Ford Concept Car, a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and bath–a highly engaging little pad to dream yourself into. The Australian designer, ... More » »

Brian Cote, 1984 Berlin 15

Fishtown’s frosty First Friday — House Gallery 1816

[Roman visits House Gallery 1816 in Fishtown, Philadelphia, to talk with artist Brian Cote about his abstract painting technique and view Cote’s new 5th Street series. — the artblog editors] It was bitter cold and the streets were empty, but the warmth of a modest crowd and delicious bean soup made for an intimate night of the arts. House Gallery 1816 is home to two accomplished artists: Michelle Marcuse and Henry Bermudez. Marcuse and Bermudez open their home to present the work of various artists and the many mediums of expression. It’s an atmosphere welcoming all who come. Brian John Cote, ... More » »

Ralph Pugay's "Dogs Barking at Weapons," 2013, acrylic on canvas, at Vox Populi

First Friday of the New Year – Great stuff out there in the Vox building and at Space 1026

(Libby and I had a date with the B-roll team from WHYY’s Friday Arts on Jan. 3. Maybe you saw us at the Vox building or Space 1026. You say, What is B-roll? Well, it’s not sushi is my reply. ) Vox building Accompanied by Cate who was visiting from New York, and all mic’d up and ready for our video shoot,  we headed up the stairs at 319 N. 11th, with filmmaker/director Michael O’Reilly, audio engineer Charlie Kaier and cameraman Paul Parmalee in tow. First stop, the new TandM Space on the 4th floor. Blaise Tobia and Virginia Maksymowics, who ... More » »

Tim McFarlane's mural, Presence, at Bridgette Mayer

First Friday Flash – What I saw Sept. 6 in Chinatown North and Washington Square

It was an unusually fertile September First Friday with shows that interested me all over the place. Sadly, you can only do what you can do, and this is what I did and saw. All venues will be open on Saturday and some are open on Sundays. Check the websites for more info and get out there this weekend. Eve Sussman and Simon Lee at Locks Gallery Sussman and Lee sometimes collaborate, and the husband and wife team had a number of collaborative videos they had made in Central Asia. One I loved in particular, which was not in Central ... More » »

Douglas Witmer at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, June 7, 2013

Decade-of-artblog videos, Episode 4 – We visit First Friday exhibits at the Vox building

In this episode, we visit First Friday exhibits on June 7, 2013, in the Vox building and talk with Matt Kalasky, Mary Smull, Douglas Witmer, David Dempewolf and Yuka Yokoyama.  Less than two-minutes long, see what people have to say! [And don’t forget about our Decade-of-artblog fundraising parties on Sept. 28, Nov. 7 and Nov. 9.  Tickets are available at TicketLeap!  And also, everyone is invited to come out for our first-ever event with Green Line Cafe! Unfiltered is a show-up-and-show exhibition at Green Line on Locust and 45th St., in which everyone is invited to show up, bring a ... More » »


From the vault – September, 2003, art and crafts

Ed. note: In celebration of artblog’s 10-year anniversary, we are bringing you content from our inaugural year, 2003. In September, 2003, we were mesmerized by the labor-intensive complexity of the newest work and took pleasure in the return-to-crafts movement. Femininity and sex appeal were frequently referenced but really everything looks better when it glistens with the sheen of a little elbow grease! ——————————- The labor of art By roberta September 15, 2003 Speaking of minimalism and art going back to square one for a bit of soul searching (see Libby’s post below) I wonder if the current boomlet in labor-intensive ... More » »

Hahn and Haas worked with young artists in the favelas in Rio to create this colorful street art.  We hope they do something similar here.

News – Arden’s free First Friday shows, Gallery 339 NYC preview, Jeroen Koolhaas and more!

News Free First Friday performances and free beer at the Arden First Friday isn’t just for art anymore. Located in the heart of Old City, the Arden Theatre Company is hosting free performances as their First Friday offering. There’s also free beer — donated by Boxcar Brewing Company (while supplies last, from 5:30-8pm)! Tonight, March 2, 6-7:30pm in Arden’s Independence Foundation Studio, the N Crowd will perform comedic improvisations based on audience suggestions. More free performances lined up on April 6 and May 4. Gallery 339 previews work at Philly prices pre-New York art fair We think this is kind ... More » »

On safari with artblog?  Well maybe not here but it could be this fun!

First Friday Art Safaris coming soon! Sponsored by Knight Foundation and you!

We’re gonna do something really great with our new Knight Arts Challenge grant of $7,000 (plus an equal amount in matching funds–still to be raised)! artblog will help culture lovers explore the far-flung galleries and experimental spaces with our First Friday Art Safaris, guided tours by van to where so much of Philadelphia’s most exciting art lives. The two of us will lead the tours into the galleries. The safaris will start in the spring of 2012 and span four consecutive First Fridays.


Weekly Update – VASST science show coming up at Little Berlin

Disclaimer: I am biased here because this show was organized by artblog pal and ad coordinator, Beth Heinly.  That said, Beth knows how to put on a good show so check it out. Artists love to mess around in the laboratory. Among other things, the science lab is a place for wonder and hypothesizing, and art is nothing if not hypothesizing in paint, clay and other materials. VASST.info, Little Berlin’s inaugural exhibit at its new space in the upper reaches of Kensington, brings together 14 artists who have agreed to either take on a science project of their own (or ... More » »

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