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Terry Adkins, Aviarium, 2014, polyurethene and enamel

Whitney Biennial 2014 – Tough sledding through a hodgepodge with some gems

Like walking through a yard sale or grandma’s attic, the hodgepodge that is the Whitney Biennial 2014 is a a little sad. All that stuff made by 103 participants, collected and sitting there, clogs the space and makes the journey through the show like walking through the Armory Show, only without the aisles and missing the weirdly high art-fair energy.  Advice:  Start at the top and work your way down.  Fourth Floor – Curator Michelle Grabner It’s shocking, we know, but like everyone, we come to the Whitney Biennial looking for our favorites and hoping to be introduced to great ... More » »

Joshua Mosley in his studio at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is chair of the Fine Arts Department

Josh Mosley, the thinking-man’s animation artist–on artblog radio

Joshua Mosley’s animations are often of anti-heroes puzzling out the challenges of what it means to be human and to think. Charming and challenging all at once, his videos were shown at the 2007 Venice Biennale and in museums around the world. Here in Philadelphia he has shown at the ICA and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The work begins with a real world presence–sculptures and drawings. But then the animations go into the computer. As in his videos, in conversation he rarely grabs for easy answers. Below is a short clip from the interview. Click “read more” for the ... More » »

Joshua Mosley, film still from dread, animated film.  6 minutes.  Photo courtesy of ICA which showed the piece last year

More Philadelphia connections – to Site Santa Fe, RISD Museum and Qwangju Biennale

Several items in my inbox popped out at me recently.  They all involve Philly people working on stages outside our fair city.  I know there’s more–bring them on in the comments please. Joshua Mosley at Site Santa Fe

Joshua Mosley, Commute, Still image from mixed media animation, 2003

Beautiful inside, outside, anytime, anywhere–Beautiful Human at Haverford

Beautiful Human at Haverford College‘s Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery is a small show with big thoughts that burble and pop as the works by five artists hold a conversation with each other about identity and imagination. The show’s points of view zoom from imaginative self-identificaton to masks and costumes as tribal and cultural signifiers to the tyranny of the genetic code. And those are just the starting points.


Woo hoo! A new episode of Look! It’s Libby and Roberta!

Thanks to our video guru, artiste extraordinaire David Kessler for this magical trip (if we do say so ourselves) through Joshua Mosley‘s and Anthony Campuzano‘s shows at ICA and through the micro-film sets of the Quay Brothers at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery. You can see these shows at ICA until March 29; and at Rosenwald-Wolf until April 9. See previous videos in this series on our video page (link above in the nav bar).

Joshua Mosley "Dread" at ICA.  This is Pascal.

Weekly Update – Josh Mosley and Anthony Campuzano’s words and philosophy at ICA

This week’s Weekly has my review of Joshua Mosley and Anthony Campuzano’s shows at ICA.  Below is my copy with pictures. Joshua Mosley‘s “dread” and Anthony Campuzano‘s “touch sensitive,” in ICA‘s upstairs galleries, are sophisticated narrative disquisitions on the world and mankind’s place in it.  The pieces are in other respects nothing alike.

Drawing in the World at Rosenwald-Wolf

Howard FinsterDrawing for PC, 1981colored pencil and ink on paper A marvel of a drawing Howard Finster made for Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) graces the entrance of the exhibit Drawing in the World at the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at UArts. The drawing made in 1981 for an outsider art exhibit in the same gallery — organized by Elsa Weiner (Elsa Longhauser) — stopped us in our tracks. Our eyes traced the banners of names of artists animating the surface; we admired the way Finster used Martin Ramirez-like arcs of lines to define and fill space; we ... More » »

Leonora Carrington in Dallas and Joshua Mosley in Ft. Worth

Leonora Carrington in her studio in 1956 While in Dallas for the College Art Association annual meeting I managed to slip away to see some art. At the Dallas Museum of Art was a small exhibition, Leonora Carrington; What She Might Be, containing twenty-five works by an artist some ten years younger than Lee Miller and Frida Kahlo, both of whom she knew ( both currently have exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), see post and post). The English-born Carrington, who is celebrating her ninetieth birthday, is another woman who used her beauty as entree into the artworld. ... More » »

The Venetians-Josh Mosley and Odili Donald Odita

Two Philadelphia artists are in the Venice Bienale which opens in June. Awesome!! New Philadelphia arrival Odili Donald Odita, painter and recent Tyler faculty hire, and Joshua Mosley, clay and digital animation wizard and Penn faculty are the honored two. Congratulations to both!! Joshua MosleyI got a note from Mosley recently. The artist has been in Rome all year on fellowship at the American Academy in Rome. He said his work will be in the International show installed in two rooms of the Italian Pavilion. Mosley’s project is called Dread, and it’s five bronzes and a six-minute animation projection. Anthia, ... More » »