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Maren Hassenger performing Senga Nengudi’s "RSVP" at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Nov. 17, 2012

Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art

[Andrea comments on a large exhibition of contemporary performance art by African-American artists, finding both the show’s performances and accompanying catalog well-curated and memorable. For more information on individual artists, please see Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art, Valerie Cassel Oliver, ed. (Contemporary Art Museum, Houston; 2013), ISBN 978 -1-933619-38-5 –the artblog editors] In New York, the exhibition Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art was split between the Grey Art Gallery at NYU (from Sept. 10 – Dec. 7, 2013) and the Studio Museum in Harlem, where it remains on view until March 9, 2014. It does a particularly good ... More » »

One of the ads that provoked artist LaToya Ruby Frazier

I laughed I cried–mini-documentaries from Art 21

Blah blah blah went the promospeak from Art21. So I skipped to the videos–brief (6 mins. or so) documentary clips on artists early in their careers.

Elizabeth Catlett in Conversation with… at the Bronx Museum of Arts

Stargazers; Elizabeth Catlett in Conversation with 21 Contemporary Artists, on view at the Bronx Museum of Art through May 29, 2011, exhibits forty of Catlett’s sculptures and graphic works juxtaposed with work by two younger generations of artists who share her concerns with the roles and images of African-Americans, particularly African-American women, and with broader questions of social (in)justice. Catlett is a major figure whose work is referenced more often than seen, and unless you caught the retrospective that toured in 1998 you’ve not likely seen this much of her work. She is also a living connection with seventy years’ ... More » »

Kalup Linzy, from All da Churen

Weekly Update – Queer as voices

Queer Voice at ICA is a clear sign of how comfortable we’ve become with people, places and things that are queer, a word primarily defined by Merriam-Webster as characterizing things that are “differing in some odd way from what is usual or normal,” but which has come to have a second meaning encompassing nearly everything and everyone deviating from gender and sexual norms.

Laurie Anderson from ‘O Superman (for Massenet)’  video (1981)

Queer Voices at the ICA

Queer Voice, at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA ), University of Pennsylvania through August 1, 2010 is an exhibition organized around an idea: that a number of artists since the 1960s have created narrative or performance-based work that emphasizes the voice, the voice distorted or manipulated such that gender is divorced from sex and/or gender is undistinguishable: a queer voice.  And this queer voice, in turn, establishes a queer or de-familiarized space for the audience. That the work of the nine artists does not clearly support this thesis, or that the thesis misses the most significant aspects of the ... More » »

Kalup Linzy, I believe this is from the music video Chewing Gum.  There are double entendres running throughout the works.  In one episode of All Da Churen, a character gets hysterical overthe loss of her Jo Jo, killed in a drive-by shooting.  I won't tell you who Jo Jo is but it may not be who you're thinking.

Kalup Linzy’s fabulosity at the Studio Museum

Nobody deals with social issues of gender, race and politics quite as well as Kalup Linzy. The video and performance artist is having his first solo museum show at the Studio Museum and it’s a marvel. The prolific Linzy, who was born in Florida but lives in Brooklyn, has about 3-hours worth of videos looping in a room at the museum.  There’s some seating (although not nearly enough given the length of the program).

Weekly Update: Air Kissing your way to success in the art world

This week’s Weekly has my review of Air Kissing at Arcadia University Art Gallery. Below is the copy with some photos. More pictures at flickr. Kalup Linzy’s video is a soap opera send up of the art world. It’s greaaaat! Biting the hand that feeds you is often a winning strategy in the art world. Art that pokes fun at museums, galleries, schools and the art market—insider’s art—can get you into a show or a collection. A product of postmodernism’s love of irony and navel-gazing, communistically self-critical art has great appeal to those in the field who appreciate a little ... More » »

Art video gets a grip–and the Philly blackout

Ryan Trecartin’s “I-Be Area” video still. Go here for the video courtesy of Ryan Trecartin and Elizabeth Dee Gallery on New York Times web site I used to think that if I never saw another art video, I’d die a happy woman. No more. At last, lots of video artists have gotten off their high-art horse (we’ve mentioned this any number of times)–and there’s a terrific article by Holland Carter in the New York Times on this very subject, today. The article which discusses, among others, Kalup Linzy–he was in a show at Temple Gallery last year and I hope ... More » »


Temple and Empathetic

from a video by Jesper Just Just when the Philadelphia art world feels like it might be contracting, a bunch of new galleries suddenly pop up all over the place, and Temple Gallery reopens in its new digs on 3rd Street, around the corner from the Painted Bride, with an ambitious show that pries open Philadelphia art-in-a-box by bringing us a whiff of the international and national art world. I especially loved the videos that alluded to popular cinema and television. from a video by Jesper Just Danish artist Jesper Just’s videos express operatic emotions via pop love songs. The ... More » »