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Natural Impulses at Locks Gallery

[A.M. reviews a strong show of works linked by ties to scientific processes and the natural world. Though the show is over, its impact continues to move us! — the artblog editors] Natural Impulses was the poetic appellation for an exhibit of sculpture and paintings mounted at Locks Gallery this past May. Nature, science, culture, and craft were the underlying impetus behind the concept of the show, featuring works by Hilary Berseth, Nancy Graves, Maria Nepomuceno, and Alyson Shotz. Of significance were the different processes used to reconfigure or approximate natural forms. However, what resonated within the work on display was the ... More » »


Mirrors, Marks & Loops — Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib at Locks Gallery

[Natalia takes us through an experimental video-art exhibition addressing materialism, globalization, and the lives of artists. — the artblog editors] Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib’s Mirrors, Marks and Loops at Locks Gallery samples distinct pieces that represent the duo’s surrealistic and diverse approaches to video art and image-making. The artists are a husband-and-wife duo who began collaborating in 2007 after achieving national recognition for their individual artistic projects. Material culture and alienation Beginning with the massive floor-to-ceiling HD video installation, “Ascension (with Cat),” the exhibition at Locks Gallery immerses you in the pair’s perceptual experimentations. In the piece, playing cards, pocket change, ... More » »

Frances Stark  'The Inchoate Incarnate: After a Drawing, Toward an Opera, but before a Libretto Even Exists' (2009)

Thematic Exhibitions at the ICA, Grizzly Grizzly and Locks Gallery play with body adornment, materials and art history

White Petals Surround Your Yellow Heart at the ICA Self-adornment is surely homo sapiens’ first art form: body painting, scarification, tattooing. Garments that offer anything more than basic protection from the elements or environment can be said to participate in that tradition. White Petals Surround Your Yellow Heart at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), University of Pennsylvania, through July 28 takes a broad, and as the title’s reference to Ovid suggests, rather poetic view of the subject. The exhibition, curated by Anthony Elms, makes no distinction between attire that was worn (RAMMΣLLZΣΣ) and clothing forms meant to be exhibited ... More » »


Kate Bright’s aquatic explorations at Locks

Ripples and refractions are the name of the game at Locks Gallery throughout the month of November. Internationally renowned British painter Kate Bright brings her canvases to Philadelphia for a showcase of her most recent work – an exhibit entitled In Deep. About a decade younger than the notorious Young British Artists like Damien Hirst, Kate Bright has always embraced the formal elements of painting in stark contrast to her conceptual contemporaries. Her current Pool Series is exactly what it sounds like: painted views of different bodies of water, specifically swimming pools and park side fountains. She renders watering holes ... More » »

The "ARCADIA" sign.

Ellen Harvey’s and Turner’s Lost Paradise – “Arcade/Arcadia”

Think of your childhood, and think of the vacation destinations and summer retreats whose every detail you can still conjure up to this day. Chances are, these places have been demolished, redone, or otherwise completely changed from what you knew. Ellen Harvey’s installation “Arcade/Arcadia” at Locks Gallery captures the strangeness and alienation of seeing the town of your youth overrun by the modern era. “Arcade/Arcadia,” aside from being a commentary on human destruction and regeneration, is a statement on the way JW Turner’s original, grandiose vision of the British seaside resort Margate has fallen victim to degradation. Harvey, commissioned to create the exhibition ... More » »


1967 and 2011 – Nadia Hironaka and Matt Suib at Locks Gallery

The gigantic first floor space at Locks Gallery is occupied this month by the massive, multi-channel video installation 1967 by Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib. The collaborative project by the husband and wife team uses appropriated footage from cinema and protest videos to raise questions about political dissent, utopian movements and the role of mass media in driving protest movements in general.

"VORTEX," 2011, 534 unique poured and mirrored glass elements, 91" x 126", Courtesy of Locks Gallery

Words and images – Rob Wynne’s IN COG NITO and Neysa Grassi’s Rose Gatherer at Locks

Two solo exhibitions take over Locks Gallery now through Oct. 8. Neysa Grassi ‘s Rose Gatherer on the third floor showcases the last ten years of paintings by the Philadelphia artist.  The abstract paintings reveal the artist’s attention to mark-making and to the physicality of her process. Rob Wynne’s IN COG NITO on the first floor shows the New York artist’s fascination with the relationship between art and language. From his first explorations in the 1970s to his most recent work, IN COG NITO provides a survey of Wynne’s interest in text-based art.

Kurt Schwitters and Diane Burko in Princeton; International Banking at Portikus

Kurt Schwitters: Color and Collage at the Princeton Art Museum through June 26, 2011 realizes the alchemists’ dream of turning dross into gold –  in that Schwitters created his marvelous collages and assemblages from recycled garbage. This first U.S. survey of the artist’s work in twenty-five years does not attempt to cover his entire production; the roughly 80 works include several of the Merz assemblage paintings, a large number of exquisite Merz drawings (collages on paper), several small sculptural works and a reconstruction from photographs of the Hannover Merzbau, which was destroyed in WWII.  While much of the work is ... More » »

"Room with Green "Boiseries," 2010

Jane Irish’s Multiple Perspectives at Locks Gallery

As her third solo exhibition at Locks Gallery, The Home Front: Jane Irish’s Art of War continues a ten-year investigation of anti-war resistance. On view from February 4 to March 12, the exhibition brings together various perspectives on the Vietnam War through Irish’s appropriation of poetry from a Vietnamese civilian and American war veterans.

Peter Campus Inflections: changes in light and colour around Ponquogue Bay, 2009 high definition multi-screen installation dimensions variable

Weekly Update – Lotsa video at Locks

Digital tools are not new to art.  But some artists are fascinated with the way these tools are changing art practices. “alterations,” a group show at Locks Gallery, takes a look at art and technology, and while this might not sound like a laugh-out-loud show to you, the mix of video and installation includes some fun stuff.

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