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Work by Albert Paley. Photo courtesy of the artist.

News post – New @pafa cafe, @PhillyFilmSoc takes Prince Theater, @CuratorsINTL at Episcopal Academy, opportunities and more!

News Arcadia is rebooting their important Works on Paper juried show! The Survey of Purchase Prizes (1978 – 2009) is on view through March 15, featuring 24 works acquired for the school’s permanent collection through its juried “Works on Paper” series. Organized as part of the gallery’s spring celebration of its 30th anniversary at the Spruance Art Center, the show  includes work by Robert Asman, Bo Bartlett, Alysa Bennet, Joseph Danciger, Dominic Episcopo, Carl Fudge, Michael Garrity, Margaretta Gilboy, David Goerk, A.P. Gorny, Marilyn Holsing, James Johnson, Lois Johnson, Virgil Marti, Patricia Moss-Vreeland, Robert T. Pannell, W. Barret Pope, Richard wProctor, Jill A. Rupinski, Judith Schaechter, Anne Seidman, Janet Towbin, Carla ... More » »

Hope Kroll, That should do it. 2012. 12 x 17 inches, on vintage book paper.

Letter From Paris – Four great shows you might have missed and two American friends come to visit

(Our Paris correspondent, Matthew Rose, wraps up 2013 giving a shout out to some shows he saw and some work by Americans who visited him in Paris.–the artblog editors.) Best Mail Art show: Correspondence at Louis Vuitton Espace Culturel Correspondences (1 Feb – 5 May), an exhibition of mail art that brought together nearly a dozen artists who have scribbled and stamped away at the postal canvas for years: Ray Johnson, Eleanor Antin, Alighiero Boetti, Jan Dibbets as well as others with interests in networks and packaging – Stephen Antonakos’ works were featured outside (see photo) the building in the ... More » »


The 2013 Liberta Awards!

(Dear Folks, In case you haven’t heard, 2013 was the year artblog turned 10 years old! (See UC review article, Philly.com article, and Decade of artblog videos). Besides celebrating our own wonderfulness, we observed, as usual, the wonders of the artworld in Philadelphia. Paris, London, Berlin, Rome and many, many other places. Local highlight this year: The Reading Viaduct project, spearheaded in large part by artist and activist Sarah McEneaney got underway–Yay! The Hidden City Festival delivered amazing art in amazing wrecks of buildings, and CityWide gathered the alternative tribes together for shows, panels, performances and networking. Meanwhile, artblog got a ... More » »

James Castle (1900-1977), working his soot and spit drawings at his home in Garden Valley, Idaho.  Photo: Magnolia Atlas.

Letter From Paris – The Outsiders Take A Room

(Matthew Rose sees a lot of great outsider art at the Outsider Art Fair in the Hotel Le A in Paris.–the artblog editors) James Castle spent his life in silence on a farm in Garden Valley, Idaho. Deaf and unable to communicate with his own family, even in sign (it wasn’t taught in his local school), Castle spent his time looking closely at the world, drawing barnyards, farm landscapes, rocking chairs and self portraits with soot and spit, usually on unfolded match boxes and found scraps of paper.  He patched and stitched together naif cardboard sculptures of people, ducks or ... More » »

James Meyer standing in front of one of his paintings, NYC 1991. © Ken Schles

From the vault 2007 – Matthew Rose’s story with Annette Lemieux, and James Meyer, studio assistant to Jasper Johns now charged with stealing from his boss

–>The story broke yesterday in the New York Times and elsewhere that James Meyer was arrested for theft and wire fraud.  The longtime studio assistant to Jasper Johns is accused of stealing and then selling 22 works by Johns through a New York gallery. Matthew Rose wrote an article for Vogue magazine in the early 1990s that Vogue didn’t publish but artblog did, in 2007.  Below is the first of the 4-part article, which tells the story of how Meyers became Johns’s assistant.–the artblog editors——————–> Portrait of the Artist as a Young Assistant By matthew rose January 8, 2007   ·   1 Comments ... More » »

"Great Skin," Bodega's swan song.

News post – Bodega packs up, Richard Metz’ genius locii in Seattle, free Barnes talk, opportunities and more!

News This weekend, we’re sorry to say, it’s curtains for Bodega: after three years with us, the gallerists are closing shop. Join them on Saturday, July 20 from 7-9pm to celebrate the closing of Great Skin, the last exhibition at 253 N. 3rd St. We’ve been very lucky to have had such wonderful support from the city and its art community. Bodega will continue to publish artist books and editions in addition to other curatorial projects. It’s far from the end, though – keep an eye out for future projects on Bodega’s new website at bodega-us.com. Blake Bradford is curating an enticing free event at ... More » »

UCSD graduate student Virginia Maksymowicz installing her anonymous sculpture "Thirty Blocks" in 1976. Photo by Blaise Tobia.

News post – Maksymowicz sculpture gets some press, Barefoot Artist debuts, Rebecca Rutstein in LA, opportunities and more!

News We’re saddened to note that among the victims of the apparent building collapse at 22nd and Market streets in Philadelphia was eighteen-year-old first year PAFA student Anne Bryan. Anne started as a full-time student in the Certificate program in fall 2012 after participating in the High School Summer Academy in 2006, and enrolled in Continuing Education classes as well. We extend our deepest sympathy to her family and friends. A memorial service is planned for Anne at PAFA at a date yet to be determined. After many years in the making, on June 19 you can attend a special preview ... More » »


Letter From Paris: Keith Haring’s Political Line

—Sometimes lost in discussion of Keith Haring is his work’s political edge.  Matthew tells us all about it in his review of the Paris exhibit of the artist’s works.–the artblog editors————————–>It’s hard to believe that the ever-youthful icon of the 1980s New York Artworld has already been gone 23 years. Keith Haring, the most famous subway scribbler the world has ever known, took chalk and markers and finally paint and canvas, and spread his scribbles across pretty much everything in his path.  An expansive exhibition of his more political works – touching upon the state, media, capitalism, racism, nuclear and ... More » »

Revolutionary ride: The RER C train from Paris to Versailles gets you to the Château in royal comfort.

Letter From Paris: On The (Rail)road To Versailles

Three hundred years ago getting to Versailles, the celebrated French seat of power, was a bit of a slog through muddy country villages.  Only 20 or so kilometers southwest of the Eiffel Tower, the trip was made by horse or coach or worse, by foot, and could take the better part of a day.  But Revolutions have consequences.  Today for about $8.50 you can now jump on the RER C suburban railroad from a handful of stations along the left bank, and shoot over to Versailles in half an hour. And your coach might be a royal one. One in ... More » »

Caroline Furr,

News post – Doppelganger at the PMA, happy anniversary to MUSE Gallery, Furr + Rose at Young Masters, opportunities and more!

News Open Air, happily, was a resounding success. During this project’s September 20-October 14 span, brought to Philadelphia by the Association for Public Art and artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer nearly 6,000 iPhone recordings in over 20 different languages were made, and more than 17,000 visitors came to the Ben Franklin Parkway. The Open Air website is up permanently, allowing people to listen to the recordings and vote for their favorites. It’ll be tough to narrow down: aside from some heart-tugging marriage proposals, there is the 127-message “Voices of Philly” archive of famous local voices. To learn more about the project, visit The Creators Project, the press release here, and some wonderful high-res photos. ... More » »

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