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Photos: Suikang Zhao, selected images from Taokonick, 2012

News post – Preservation push, Aqua Dice’s NYTimes nod, NextFab’s grand opening, opportunities and more!

News Above: the magic that happens when Photoshop wizardry and Philadelphia’s most iconic statue find one another. For their New Year’s greeting, the PMA’s Department of Indian and Himalayan Art created this gem, featuring Rocky in his typical composure, but joined by a surprising companion: the Hindu deity Krishna, who in this iteration is “Krishna Dances and Holds Aloft Two Stolen Balls of Butter,” The copper alloy sculpture was made in Orissa, India in the 17th century, 1994-148-262. This comes to us from the Stella Kramrisch Collection at the Department of Indian and Himalayan Art. 2 in preservation news – 1. Created by Philadelphia’s own Conservation ... More » »

Aqua Dice, afloat off the coast of the Canary Islands. Photo courtesy of Max Mulhern.

Aqua Dice on a roll – Max Mulhern’s game of chance is launched into the Atlantic

Aqua Dice is launched! The sculptural project by Paris-based artist and artblog correspondent Max Mulhern is floating in the wild and deep green sea. What a surprise the bright orange cubes are and how jaunty they look in this picture.  In spite of its jauntiness, the project has a pithy underbelly, about immigration and all kinds of human roll of the dice issues. Become part of the project at  Max’s Aqua Dice website, where you can place your bet on the dice roll’s outcome for your chance to win a print from the project.  And to follow the progress of the real world ... More » »

Dancer Carolyn Brown in "Walkaround Time," 1968. Choreography by Merce Cunningham.  Stage set and costumes by Jasper Johns. Photograph © 1972 by James Klosty.

News post – Recovering from Sandy, Duchamp exhibit opens, Mulhern’s Sea Dice, opportunities and more!

News In the days since Hurricane Sandy’s devastation of the East Coast, thousands of people have been confronted with unimaginable losses. Many of our friends have suffered damage to their homes, their property, and their artwork, as pictures and articles can attest. But as we’ve also seen, people have stepped up to help one another in a variety of ways. Hyperallergic has posted an instructive list of resources for artists, art organizations, museums and collectors affected by the storm, while 20×200 has issued a print benefiting the American Red Cross’s Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. Our thoughts are with all those impacted by the storm. ... More » »

Stella and Steve near our hotel in the Parc Montsouris section of town (14th)

Three days in Paris – Quay Branly museum, some good food and a visit with friends

Our TGV train clocked the trip from Karlsruhe to Paris (@281 miles) at a little over 3 hours. The train passed through lush farm lands, crossed the Rhine at Strasbourg and steamed into Paris, where we logged another hour between subway and walking before we reached to our Hotel du Parc Montsouris, in the 14th Arrondisement.  I am not complaining!  We were in Paris! We loved being near the big park and Stella jogged there along with all the rest of the folks running around the pond. In a city where people don’t have front yards or back yards, the ... More » »


Studio visit with Rupert Mair

The Italian artist Rupert Mair recently exhibited at the Pixie Gallery in Paris. His show was entitled “Enjeux”. It was a showcase of the delicate and  seemingly tentative and yet it was affirmative in its silent insistence that there could be mass to nothingness. All you need is a hint. Many of the pieces assembled in the space  resembled the  parts of familiar games and yet neither the pieces nor the games they suggested became whole or playable.

Inbox activism–petition to create Secretary of the Arts

artblog contributor Max Mulhern recently wrote us: Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes has suggested that a White House arts advisory be created. His argument is that culture is a vital sector in our society that needs to have its institutions properly coordinated between themselves and the government. He also believes that art can play a role in government. I agree. Many of you have also been circulating emails about the issue. Here’s the link to an online petition begun by Quincy Jones to ask President Obama to appoint a Secretary of the Arts.

Architectural hotbed — report from the Swiss trenches

Post by Max Mulhern Leis Switzerland. This and other photos in this post by Max Mulhern The small idyllic Swiss village of Leis is expanding in the form of two new twin houses designed by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor of thermal bath fame. They are nearing completion on a steep upward slope behind the village as we go to press. I call them the twin towers so strong is their domination over the low flat houses snuggled together at their feet.  The lower of the two is called the Annalisa House in honor of Zumthor’s wife for whom the house ... More » »

Seeing and Surveillance. (From artist to artists).

Post by Max Mulhern Deborah Stratman, still from In Order Not to be Here, a video about surveillance that showed a year ago at Screening Video Gallery. (All photos by Libby, unless otherwise noted). Is the heightened state of surveillance in our world changing the way we see? I wonder because despite the exponential increase in the channels through which to diffuse art and talk about it my art seems to be increasingly invisible. Do other artists feel this way? Is there a corresponding blindness operating here as well?

Weekly Update — Pageant’s Rag and Bone men and ladies

Bon Jour from Paris!!! This week’s Weekly has my review of Rag and Bnne at Pageant Gallery. Matthew Osborn, untitled drawing at Pageant’s Rag and Bone. Rag and Bone, Pageant Gallery’s Winter Invitational, brings together 26 artists, some of them familiar names and some gallery newcomers.  The exhibition continues Pageant’s shaggy-around-the-edges aesthetic – drawings pinned to the walls; tv monitors sitting on the floor;  sculpture in the gallery’s odd nooks and crannies.  It’s a sprawling show and treasures abound. Matthew Osborn, Financial Oblivion Matthew Osborn‘s wall of cartoon drawings kept me engaged for quite a while.  “Tools are weapons and weapons ... More » »

Richard Serra’s supertankers in London

Post by Max Mulhern Richard Serra at Gagosian in London, installation detail The verb is one of the most powerful tools in a sculptor’s toolbox. Richard Serra once made a list of the verbs describing his actions when sculpting.“To Lift” was one such verb. Once he lifted the edge of a rectangular rubber mat and in one action created volume and contour (and a sculpture). To Roll, To Bend, To Curve and To Cut are other verbs that pop to mind as well although, surprisingly, To Construct doesn’t. To Pose (Juxtapose) and To Balance take its place. Richard Serra, installation ... More » »

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