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At the start of the show a series of objects confront viewers before proceeding to the films and trailers

Be Alarmed: The Black Americana Epic by Tiona McClodden

[Rachel moves through a series of video “visions” and accompanying art objects created by Tiona McClodden — the artblog editors] A sleeping bag and bright blue shield mark the interior entrance of the Science Center at 35th and Market Streets. The pairing immediately transmits feelings of protection, fear, veneration, and shelter. An eerie familiarity is communicated as you begin to move through the space, gazing into portraits with fireworks transposed onto photographic surfaces. The exhibition is Tiona McClodden’s Be Alarmed: The Black Americana Epic, Movement I – The Visions, on view at the Esther Klein Gallery through March 15. Co-presented ... More » »


News post – Marrone memorial planned, NextFab 3D prints an electro video, Rachel Udell at GFS, Corcoran changes, opportunities and more.

News   As promised, details on the benefit for Todd Marrone‘s family have been solidified. UsedWigs Radio, where a giant part of Todd’s creative life was spent, is hosting an event on Sunday evening, April 13, 2014 at L’etage on South Street. Bringing together comedians Dave Hill and Chip Chantry, storytellers Anna Goldfarb, Shrake, Nikki Walter and Kevin Ginsberg, performances by Brian Seymour and Bevan McShea, everything involved promises a special memorial: each component of the evening is either something Todd loved or recreations of his musings on life, read by friends and family. There’s going to be a donation at the door, with requests for pieces of art to be included in a ... More » »

Citywide, a festival of alternative spaces and projects in Philadelphia

2013 Knight Arts Challenge winners announced – Citywide, David Guinn, PPAC, Breadboard and more!

Congratulations to all the new Knight Arts Challenge winners in this the third year of awards from the Miami-based Knight Foundation. The awards to 43 groups and individuals were announced tonight at a ceremony at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Winners are in all the arts categories — theater, music, dance and visual art.  There are many exciting things coming down the pike for Philadelphia!  See the entire list here. We’re excited about these four in particular: David Guinn: Temporary Outdoor Wall Installations Spark Dialogue  Award: $9,000 Freewall is a new, artist-run venue that brings temporary outdoor wall-painting installations to Center ... More » »

Colette Fu, Waddle Pool, 2003, archival pigment backlit, transparencies

Colette Fu: Photo Binge, at the University City Arts League

Photo Binge, Colette Fu‘s exhibit at the University City Arts League, brings together the artist’s pop-up books and light box transparencies. Both bodies of work focus on excess in an age and culture of plenty. But the lightbox transparencies, which are photocollages with a Where’s Waldo stuffed-to-the gills quality, have a thoroughly brash, Pop sensibility, their imagery lit up to sell. The pop-up books, although using some similar kinds of imagery and ideas, are the opposite of Pop. They are more Alice in Wonderland than Where’s Waldo, although equally stuffed to the gills. But the subject matter is more focused. ... More » »


Shelley Spector Working at NextFab and Sarah McEneaney at Tibor de Nagy

  NextFab is a high-tech shop in West Philadelphia that enables architects, industrial designers, and artists to create prototypes or small runs of products. Its staff of twenty includes engineers, designers, electronics specialists, photographers, and others who are available for training and technical help. I met Shelley Spector there last week to see what she’s been doing during the past six months that she’s had a residency at NextFab through Breadboard, an organization at the University City Science Center that promotes community outreach around technology and manages the Esther Klein Gallery, among other projects. Any artist who makes ‘things’ that ... More » »

Detail of “Girl Storms”, embroidery on fabric, 8” x 10”

All hurricane’d out? Here’s Shelley Spector’s storms of a different stripe

artblog friend and art impresario Shelley Spector sent along pictures of art she’s been working on during her Breadboard residency at NextFab.  When Stella and I visited her there Aug 11, long before Irene, the artist was working on a series about storms — hurricane names, tornados, floods…  It’s water on the brain, taken to a more ethereal level.  Shelley’s been using the programmable sewing machine at NextFab, which she has named Gwen.  She’s also assayed the laser cutters to cut some wood.  Much of her earlier work was carved wood and wood assemblages.  The new work grows out of the ... More » »

Breadboard_3: Steve Brower's custom fabricated stereoscope suitable for use with iPhone screens. using iPhone you can link to his website and view ready-made stereograms based on live-feed imagery from the "lander". The lander will be producing imagery from the Klein Gallery and is gearing up for a mission to Montana.

Breadboard turns Esther Klein into a project space

A big shift at the University City Science Center’s Esther Klein Gallery (EKG) begins tomorrow. The shift from an art and science (emphasis on art) space to an art and technology (emphasis on technology) space has been in the works for some time. Tomorrow, EKG shows off it’s new, techie big brother–Breadboard. The art at EKG was made at Breadboard, and showing off Breadboard art is EKG’s new role.  NextFab, which is a high-tech fabrication shop, doubles as Breadboard’s partner, providing its equipment to Breadboard’s projects. And if you’re still confused go on over there tomorrow and talk with Dan ... More » »