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"Gay, Jewish or Both" - A collaborative installation between designer Bernardo Margulis and NAPOLEON founding member Leslie Friedman.

Gay, Jewish or Both

[Leah delves into tropes associated with both the gay and Jewish communities, and examines how a new show challenges expectations. — the artblog editors] When I initially heard about Gay, Jewish, or Both at NAPOLEON, I was very enthusiastic. The subject is a delicate one; however, it is also very contemporary and full of potential for rich discourse. The exhibition is perplexing. On the one hand, I was not sure how I felt, but on the other, I knew that I was being asked to digest some difficult ideas. As a Jew who was raised by a lesbian, I often ... More » »

Antonio Puri in his North Philadelphia studio

Antonio Puri on fairness for artists in the marketplace, religion, identity and more – an artblog radio podcast

Antonio Puri created a barter marketplace for artists called Art4Barter. He has organized at least 12 editions of the market/exhibition all over the world. Puri, who lives in Philadelphia, and shows his work many places around the world, believes that an artist should have affiliations with around 15 galleries in order to “make it” financially. Hear more of what the Indian-born, American-trained artist and lawyer has to say about his art and the art world — and lots more — in this episode of artblog radio. Here’s a link to Antonio’s website, and for pictures from our interview see this ... More » »


The Search for Dispravosláviye – Rob Matthews and Shanna Waddell tackle the idea of the cult at Tiger

In The Search for Dispravosláviye at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Shanna Waddell and Rob Matthews are thinking about belief systems. Waddell’s works are focused on sixties’ counter culture and cult groups that exploited the cultural revolution. For Rob Matthews, it’s a questioning of dogmatic beliefs and skepticism toward certain religious practices. The show curated by TSA member Rubens Ghenov is on view until January 27. Shanna Waddell draws inspiration from sixties’ psychedelia. In her Medicine Cabinet Altarpiece series, she uses a jarring, fluorescent palette to represent the radical counter culture and its utopian promise. In the two works from the series ... More » »