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Shelley Spector Working at NextFab and Sarah McEneaney at Tibor de Nagy

  NextFab is a high-tech shop in West Philadelphia that enables architects, industrial designers, and artists to create prototypes or small runs of products. Its staff of twenty includes engineers, designers, electronics specialists, photographers, and others who are available for training and technical help. I met Shelley Spector there last week to see what she’s been doing during the past six months that she’s had a residency at NextFab through Breadboard, an organization at the University City Science Center that promotes community outreach around technology and manages the Esther Klein Gallery, among other projects. Any artist who makes ‘things’ that ... More » »

Gary Kachadourian, Jersey Barrier with Fencing, Asphalt, and Cinder Blocks, 2011, large format xerographic print made from scale drawings, 144 x 168"

In Scale, in paper, at The Print Center

The exhibit In Scale of real-world-scale works by 10 artists at The Print Center lends itself to exploring the charms and surprises of the ordinary, just by virtue of scale.

Sande Webster

News: Sande Webster closes, Warren Angle memorial, play at APS garden and more

News Sande Webster Gallery closes We heard it through the grapevine, Philadelphia’s groundbreaking Sande Webster Gallery closed its doors after more than four decades. Confirmed by Robin Rice of CityPaper, Webster has apparently had trouble during the recession. The gallery was founded as and continued to be a racially-diverse establishment that gave many young and emerging black artists as well as other young artists a place to show and sell their works. Webster herself will not be absent from the Philly scene, according to Rice.  She will consult from home and collaborate with organizations around the city. Check out our ... More » »

Detail of “Girl Storms”, embroidery on fabric, 8” x 10”

All hurricane’d out? Here’s Shelley Spector’s storms of a different stripe

artblog friend and art impresario Shelley Spector sent along pictures of art she’s been working on during her Breadboard residency at NextFab.  When Stella and I visited her there Aug 11, long before Irene, the artist was working on a series about storms — hurricane names, tornados, floods…  It’s water on the brain, taken to a more ethereal level.  Shelley’s been using the programmable sewing machine at NextFab, which she has named Gwen.  She’s also assayed the laser cutters to cut some wood.  Much of her earlier work was carved wood and wood assemblages.  The new work grows out of the ... More » »

People at the Bruce High Quality Foundation meeting at Vox Populi.  The room decor is part of Matt Savitsky's installation in the current exhibit at Vox.

Weekend people, April version

First Friday started early for me at a meeting convened by Brooklyn’s Bruce High Quality Foundation.  The group of artists — which founded its own university — is on a cross-country tour in conjunction with Creative Time, to take the pulse of the nation’s art education system.  But instead of having an agenda of their own (that’s what I wanted to hear) they asked what the Philadelphians in attendance thought about art education.  As people went around the room and introduced themselves and then spoke about their relationship to the institutions of art education (BFAs, MFAs, those with none of those ... More » »

Shelley Spector, Money Quilt

Print-Ditty-Doo-Dah at Gallery Joe

Printmaking was once the realm of the inky fingered.  But today a lot of printing takes place on digital printers, where the ink is in cartridges and the only dirty fingers belong to those who service the machines. Gallery Joe‘s two new Philagrafika-related shows, “Appropriate, Manipulate, Duplicate” and “Big Ditty” are full of ink jet prints and other manifestations of works run through a computer. Appropriate, Manipulate, Duplicate


Westcott prints available now

This just in from Spector Projects (Shelley Spector’s freelance curatorial and products division), a new line of digital prints of paintings by the late Rebecca Westcott is available for purchase at the project’s website. The four, poster-sized works (largest is 49 1/2 x 34″) are based on four paintings by the Pew-winning Westcott, killed in a road-side accident in 2004 shortly after winning the fellowship.  The paintings on which the new digital prints are based are currently in the National Portrait Gallery as part of the show Communities — on view through July 10. (Andrea told you about that show ... More » »

Philly whines!

Thanks to the modern miracle of video, you can now hear the Philadelphia Complaint Choir right here (see posts here and here for the background info). I gotta tell you, I loved it!!! This is the Official Philadelphia Complaint Choir video, and any hint about the substance of the complaints would be a spoiler. So you’ll have to watch if you really want to know. Our buddy and art citizen Shelley Spector, was one of the chorale. She sent a link about the making of the choir, as well as the video, which aired on CNN yesterday . Spector wrote: ... More » »


Post by Shelley Spector Photo of the Philadelphia Complaint Choir rehearsing. Photo: Talman Koots I wrote to you earlier about the Philadelphia Complaint Choir, a project that I (SPECTOR Projects) am working on in collaboration with First Person Arts. This weekend we begin our performances in and around the city. The choir, which has grown to about 80 people will perform eight times during three days. (see below) The performance is ten minutes long. I highly recommend it and it’s free. Check out, Complaints Choirs of the World Home, where our performances, once documented will presented as part of this international project. Here are the scheduled performaces: Saturday, November ... More » »

Complain, complain, complain–Letter from Shelley Spector

Budapest Complaint Choir Dear Libby and Roberta, I am writing to invite you and and your friends (readers of Artblog) to participate in SPECTOR Projects’ newest work. It’s called the Philadelphia Complaints Choir. To put it simply, it’s a homemade Philly choir (no experience necessary) that  performs a  song created from complaints collected from Philadelphians.  Composer, Evan Solot is creating an original piece for the choir to sing,  and he and I will work together on the lyrics. We will meet to practice four times beginning this Thursday, September 25th and following the rehearsals we’ll have two performance dates in Novmeber. Complaint Choir, St. ... More » »

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