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Beth Heinly, reading from Fear & Art

First Friday: We kvetch, we look, we clap

First Friday was hotter than Hell in the galleries, and we complained a lot. Every person who asked us how our summer was going got the same answer–shitty, hot.  But beyond weather, we have to say the art was hotter than we expected for the usually dead month of August.  Performance and installation art was what we saw at Vox Populi, Bodega, Grizzly Grizzly, Tigers Strikes Asteroid and Marginal Utility.

Marina Borker, Tulips, 2007, acrylic on luan, 16.5 x 21 inches

Let’s Go Enjoy Nature at Seraphin

The title of the exhibit Let’s Go Enjoy Nature! is pretty funny. There’s nothing natural about standing in a gallery looking at art–an imitation of life. But art is the sincerest form of flattery. And speaking of the joys of what’s unnatural, air conditioning in this beastly weather is just the ticket.

Look! It’s Libby and Roberta, episode 14

Click To Play In episode 14, we visit PAFA’s Morris Gallery to see the installation by Senga Nengudi that was made in collaboration with the Fabric Workshop and Museum. We also visit Fleisher-Ollman Gallery for their summer show, Good Funky Miles. That show closes July 31. Artiste Extraordinaire, David Kessler performed the video magic.

Weekly Update – Funky at Fleisher-Ollman

This week’s Weekly has my editor’s choice review of Good Funky Miles at Fleisher-Ollman. Below is the copy with a couple pictures. More photos at flickr. “Good Funky Miles”Through July. Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, 1616 Walnut St., suite 100. 215.545.7562. Thomas Vance. cardboard construction with sculpey and paint. ”Good Funky Miles” is less funky than a real trip through Philly’s streets. There’s trash alright, but it’s behind glass in a piece called Big Snak by Dan Murphy (co-founder of Megawords magazine). Dan Murphy, Big Snak. Big Snak is so perfect I can’t believe I haven’t seen the idea before—shiny Herr’s potato chip ... More » »


OOFAH! This is good

Ray YoshidaOriginally uploaded by sokref1. Ray Yoshida’s OOFAH!, 2002, (det) collage on paper. Delights cut from the funny papers into glyph-like shapes, the big work (48″ x 72″) is an inscrutable message from beyond. Click to see it bigger. Up since March, Rock Paper Scissors at Fleisher-Ollman Gallery goes down April 29 and if you’re looking for the “ohmygod” show this weekend (in addition to the new ICA shows featuring Zoe Strauss and the Spector show (featuring Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Adam Wallacavage) which I predict will also fit into this exclamatory category — run by and get an eyeful ... More » »


Anti-matter and fresh air at Arcadia

three untitled faces invented in cyberspace by Nils Orth This year’s Arcadia Works on Paper biennial is one great show, and you need to commit a date for it on your calendar or it may blow right by you. It’s only up through April 25. For starters it’s the anti-matter version of Wyeth. To put it another way, the show is a breath of fresh air in the claustrophobic parochialism that sometimes infects Philadelphia. It’s lively. It’s right up to date on what’s happening now in the art world–and by world, I mean the real world, the whole wide world, ... More » »