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The artblog Reader Advisor

[This weekend on the artblog Reader Advisor: What does your workplace offer? If it doesn’t come with kittens, it might be time to unionize. — the artblog editors] This is a Reader Advisor to celebrate the weekend and remind you of one very important fact: No unions = no weekends. Our weekends and the 40-hour workweek that they sustain are not natural occurrences, but rather the hard-fought territory won by labor movements of years past. We would do good to remember that companies and governments provide benefits to their employees not because they want to (Comcast would have you clock ... More » »


Hoax p.r. – Crystal Bridges NOT

We were so in love with the craziness of it that we fell for a hoax press release on Crystal Bridges. We stand corrected and have removed the post but you can find a link to the correct info in Barry Hoggard’s comment below the post.

Pavilions situated on the pond.

We find Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, with the help of Dayton

by Dayton Castleman “So where the hell is Bentonville, Arkansas, anyway?” began the ever-so-subtly titled 2006 Artblog post, “The Hunt for Bentonville.” The article was one of several related to the sale of Thomas Eakins’ “The Gross Clinic” to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, located just north of the Bentonville town square, and just a few short miles from the headquarters of Walmart, the world’s largest corporation. Bentonville will also be my new home come July, having been drawn there simply by the chance to be a part of making a mark, as an empty canvas of the art ... More » »