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Frank Bramblett Endurance detail

Live Comments – Frank Bramblett’s No Intention at Woodmere

[In this Live Comments, we hear about Frank Bramblett and his retrospective at Woodmere Art Museum.] What engages Frank Bramblett is the inner life of a painting, often built upon secrets that only the artist knows. Frank, who has a deep inner dialog with his works, has shared his art secrets with few — until now.  In our 2012 podcast with Frank, he revealed that when he spoke about art — like at student critiques, to which Libby and I were witness when we co-taught with him at Tyler — he was channeling his imaginary friend, Graham.  All we know is that Graham/Frank is ... More » »


Theresa Bernstein — a century-long retrospective at the Woodmere Museum

[Natalia gives us some background on the long-lived, accomplished Bernstein, and offers a concise review of the artist’s retrospective. — the artblog editors] Currently on view at the Woodmere Art Museum, Theresa Bernstein: A Century in Art is the first retrospective devoted to the career of the Polish-American artist, who lived to an astounding 112 years of age and painted consistently for 10 decades. With a few exceptions, the retrospective focuses primarily on Bernstein’s early paintings, completed in the 1910s and ’20s, offering a unique glimpse into the artistic development of this otherwise marginalized figure. Bernstein’s early years and work Born in Krakow, ... More » »


The playful imagery of Jesse Drew-Bear at the Woodmere Art Museum

 [Irena introduces us to a little-known Philadelphia artist worthy of appreciation for her rich imagination and distinctive painting style. — the artblog editors] Stories and Dreams, a spring-flavored exhibition at the Woodmere Art Museum, showcases the late Jessie Drew-Bear, an overlooked Philadelphia artist who painted with an advanced whimsicality and rich narrative imagination. Whimsy rooted in real talent Drew-Bear’s art imitated her colorful life, but both fell under the radar after the English-born artist’s death in 1962. Her career, which took off when Drew-Bear was 59 and spanned the last 24 years of her life, shifted and developed, surpassing the confines of ... More » »

Frank Bramblett, Accomplished, 2000-2013, ink on paper (far wall); Ryan McCartney installation (center)

One minute speed read – Woodmere’s Annual Juried show, crunchy and delicious!

Woodmere’s 72nd Annual Juried exhibition samples from the new Philadelphia art pie, the one that’s crunchy and conceptual with sweetness and bite. Jurors Dona Nelson and Rubens Ghenov picked a couple of noisy, extroverted pieces and many quiet contemplative works that make an excellent Ode to Joy for the current hot Philadelphia art scene. Frank Bramblett’s deadpan wallpapering of his daily task lists from the last 13 years, “Accomplishments,” is not only a the most unexpected work in the show, it’s a great conceptual project; a dynamite work on paper; and the best collision of the literal and the imaginative ... More » »

'mini-house/pavillion', in progress installation shot of "CandyCoated Wonderland."

News post – CandyCoated Wonderland, remembering Sidney Goodman, cross-country art blog love, opportunities and more!

News We first sounded the call about Candy Coated Wonderland back in dreary wintertime, and now the weather is balmy, which means that it’s now upon us! Opening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Perelman Building on May 4, the Wonderland exhibition, curated by Dylis Blum of the Costume and Textiles Collection runs through November 2013. Fleisher Art Memorial’s 24th Annual Founder’s Award on Thursday,  May 16 honors Dina and Jerry Wind, cultural ambassadors and, of course, originators of the Wind Challenge Exhibition Series. The award ceremony begins at 5:30 p.m.Their far-reaching contributions to arts organizations across the city have had a major impact. >Learn more about ... More » »

Gertrude Fisher-Fishman Untitled Undated

Louise Fishman at Woodmere Art Museum talks of family and other influences

The inimitable Louise Fishman was at the Woodmere Art Museum this past Sunday to speak to a huge crowd about her life, her paintings, her mother, Gertrude Fisher-Fishman, and her aunt, Razel Kapustin. All three artists are part of the Woodmere’s “Generations” exhibition, a powerful show about the strengths, styles, and inspirations shared among these three great, related painters. Fishman told us that she proposed this show after realizing that her mother’s artistic reputation was in danger of suffering the same forgotten fate as her aunt’s. Razel Kapustin was at one time a vital member of the Philadelphia art world, ... More » »

Judith Schumacher, Whites 7 x 3, hydrocal and steel

Woodmere’s 71st Annual Juried Exhibition – a mixed bag that skews suburban

Some of the best pieces on display at the Woodmere Art Museum’s 71st Annual Juried Exhibition are paintings using broad splashes of color to ignite the eye’s attention. This exhibition, juried by Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art instructor Alex Kanevsky, includes several sculptures and mixed-media works, but it’s the drawings and paintings that attempt new spins on realistic or traditional styles that stand out amongst this selection. Arcenio Martin Campos  has two oils on display, both of figures rolling into free splashes of exuberant paint. Sterling Shaw’s enjoyable acrylic “Congested” and “Grapes” both use engaging coloration and play with light ... More » »

What The Past Tells Us by Nicole Michaud, from the 71st Annual Juried Show at Woodmere

Woodmere – Into the future with local artists

When he took over as Director and CEO of Woodmere Art Museum, one of the first things William Valerio did was rip up the shabby carpeting in the museum’s signature, high-ceilinged Catherine Kuch Gallery. The plan was to replace the carpet, but Valerio took one look at the beautiful concrete floor and decided that with a little spit and polish, concrete was the way to go. A switch from carpet to concrete may not seem a radical move. But for Woodmere, a quiet museum in Chestnut Hill without a lot of foot traffic and a reputation somewhat marginalized by the ... More » »


News post – Fleisher news, Diplomat moves on, Chuck Close controversy, Kanevsky at Woodmere, opportunities and more!

News Muralist David McShane writes that his Phillies mural at 24th and Walnut – originally scheduled to be hung August 10 – has been postponed. The mural, which was finished indoors, painted on parachute cloth (143 5′ x5′ sheets), can’t be hung yet because of the need to deal with lead paint removal on the wall, approvals from the railroad company who owns the land below the wall, and structural engineering reports. Let’s hope this season improves for the mural, as well as the team.  Look for the mural to go up next fall or Spring of 2013, McShane says. ... More » »

Frank Bramblett with one of his works at Woodmere Art Center

Frank Bramblett on painting and life – next up on our podcast series

Frank Bramblett is a painter of large abstractions that spring from his love of materials and making things and his need to experiment like an alchemist. Frank is a Pew Fellow, and you can see several marvelous paintings of his in the exhibit Elemental: Nature as Language now on view at Woodmere Art Museum. Frank taught at Tyler School of art for many years and had a huge impact on many students. When he retired in 2010 his former students organized an exhibition called “Thanks, Frank” in his honor.  We were fortunate to co-teach a class at Tyler with Frank in ... More » »

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