A follow-up on Philadelphia Opens Studio Tours


A note from Ed Bronstein, a POST organizer:

Libby – … The fee [editors’ note: $70, see post below at 4/21/03] is higher than we’d like it to be, too, but we are putting this together as volunteers and we need that just to cover expenses. The artists who do sign up, however, get lots back, (we think) – press and pr, brochures, post cards to send out, posters, a kick-off party, and this year a curated exhibition. It’s not just about selling, although, if my experience is typical (I sold a few pieces since to people who came to my studio by way of introduction to my work) I would assume that most artist/participants do think it was worth it. I have loved participating myself – I have met lots of other local artists [not this one, but here’s an image of Thomas Eakins and his buddies at his studio–editors] and had over 50 visitors each day, who are now on my mailing list.