Instant gratification


No need to wait until the show closes to take home your art if you buy at Creative Artists Network‘s mini-show hosted by Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, 1701 Market Street. “Off the Wall: Small Works,” opening tonight and up for only a week (remember, by the end of the week there may not be much of a show left if things sell), exhibits a lot of swell small works by CAN artists, at affordable prices. I saw prices from $125 to $750. And I could picture lots of the art on my small rowhouse walls, from Erin Murray’s “Untitled 33” painting of a dark land mass nearly obliterating the sky, to Dominic Episcopo’s polaroids (“LA Building,” shown here, gives a sense of what his work is like), to Elaine Erme’s dark lithographs of doll clowns to Sandra Davis’ hand-tinted gelatin silverprints of cottages. I got a chuckle out of Satre Stuelke’s “Small Karismatic” multiples, tiny elongated toric shapes on inverted Mr. Softee legs with tv-aerial ears, finished with sparkly automotive paint. But like cars, I’m not sure they’re built to last.


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